Friday, January 27, 2012

Week in Review: God's Child is Obedient

God's Child is Obedient Lesson
Letter: O
Color: Orange (meaning - danger)
Shape: Oval
Number: One (meaning - beginning)
Vocabulary: Obey
Bible Story: Walls of Jericho
Memory Verse: "We will obey." Joshua 24:24

This is our "letter" mailbox.
To introduce the letter "O", I sing a little song I made up...

"I've got a letter, I've got a letter...
Let's look and see, Let's look and see...
Let's see what letter showed up today
What letter do we have? What letter do we have?"

Inside I put a magnetic letter "O" and "O" vocabulary words with pictures.

I have been looking for a way to help my son with learning to write.
I tried the "house" method, he wasn't too interested and kinda started to fight me on it - so we put it to the side and then I just put 2 big "O"s on the chalkboard and tried the handwriting without tears method of using wet paper towel, dry paper towel, then write the letter - he actually fought that more.
Soooo... I wondered if using a train would work.  I took the "house" method, drew a train instead and told him the big "O" starts at the smoke line, goes through the engineer space and into the cow catcher space and meets up with the wheel line then goes back through the cow catcher space, into the engineer space and finishes at the smoke line.  That got a BIG smile and he caught on! He just traced my "O"s, but it was a start.  I think this will be our teaching method! :)

Letter "O" Prewrite Worksheet from 1+1+1=1.
He is getting better and better at trying to trace more "carefully".

Number 1 Practice
I drew a number one on a plain piece of paper and had him go through his sticker book and put "1" of something all over his paper to make a collage.
Then to practice the shape of number one, I had him glue cotton balls on top of a "1" I drew on paper.
Then I made a number 1 writing practice sheet, he did really good tracing, then even made 3 by himself!

Our Bible Time
Each day I will read the Bible Story from the "Hands On Bible".
Then for our memory verse, I printed out the hopping pads.  We did our Bible Hop the first day, then I hid these all over the house.  Let him seek them out and put them in order.  He did it without my help!!! :)

Vocabulary: OBEY
We worked on spelling our vocabulary word.
I taped the letters to a train set and had him order them.
Then I did scrabble match up.
I also have the "Take the Plunge" CD from a VBS kit, and it has a song called "Obey, Obey O" - it spells the word in it - so we sang this song all week long. :)


Other Stuff We Did:

Drawing Practice: Snowmen

Missing Letters Activity from K4 Curriculum at Confessions of a Homeschooler
I had him use alphabet stamps.

Our Kindness Crowns from the previous week.
All the jewels he earned from the kindness lesson, we turned into a crown.
This is a reminder that God rewards us when we do what is right
and He has a crown for us in heaven.

Our Daily Journal Activity
Tells me what he learned for the day, then we draw a picture.
Identify the weather and the season by article of clothing to wear.

New Journal Activity
I found this worksheet on Pinterest.  This was our first time working with it.
But I realized some things we need to work on. :)

Working on Oval shapes.

More Oval Shape work.

Missing Numbers Worksheet from K4 Curriculum at Confessions of a Homeschooler.
I cut out the numbers and had him glue them.

Glitter and Glue activity!

Balloons!!! Oval work.

He did really good!

Identify and color the ovals.

Math Worksheets - which is the same?

Here is a video of a fine motor activity that was a surprise for a sick daddy working at home:

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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  1. Great ideas! It looks like it was a fun week. I appreciate you sharing with us that sometimes your son fights you on writing at times. My son does the same with me. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I've found that each day is different with homeschooling, lol. Some days it's like my son wants to do EVERYthing, then other days, all he wants to do is a few things and he'll get really picky. At first this really bothered me, so I decided to post up a tentative schedule and let him know what we will be doing and when, since he can't tell time yet, I set a timer for each activity (15 minutes), then he'll tell me what is next on the list. This helped SOOO much! As for the writing - I don't push it. If he wants to, great, if not, ok move on. I do a craft instead or prewriting activity which he'll usually do or I let him do free art - which is still writing practice in a way! Now if I could ONLY figure out how to get him coloring though... :P Unfortunately, he had a bad experience at a preschool and now coloring with crayons is pretty much a battle - I've pretty much pushed it off to the side and am trying to find ways to warm him back up to it.

    2. Hi Bekah! Thanks for sharing your ideas and heart with me. I could not agree with you more! Some days are great at my house too and my 4 yr old will do every thing I ask and then other days he too is picky. I too try not to push him when he doesn't want to write and my son also gravitates to free art on his own. I love the timer and tentative schedule idea. I will try that this week. You are not the first blogging mama to mention an aversion to coloring, must be pretty common. Thanks again for sharing. :)

    3. Hey Trina! Hope the timer and schedule works for you! :)

  2. What a creative mama! I loved how you made his handwriting lesson fit his interest.

    1. Hi Miss Moe! Thanks for stopping by. After a battle with the house method, I was about to give up, then decided to use a train to "see" if it would work - so far we are doing GREAT with this method! We reviewed the "obey" lesson this week, since my son got sick... he's writing "O" now. :)