Saturday, December 1, 2012

Star on the Shelf Appearance

 Star on the Shelf
This star appeared last night with a tag that says,
"May the Christmas Star lead you to Jesus, the light of the world."
I also made a note that was found next to it.

Jordan found the Star over the manger scene
with the special note. 

Opening up the note...
The Christmas Star shining so bright on the front.

 Inside the card the note says:
"I am the Christmas Star put in the sky by God to shine my light
upon baby Jesus.  Look for the three kings of the east who followed
me to bring special gifts to the baby Jesus."

Devotional: Three Wise Men Story
Matthew 2:1-12

So we explained to Jordan that from now on the Star would shine
over the manger scene, like it did the night Jesus was born.
Each day he is to find the 3 Wise Kings of the east that are following
the Christmas Star to the baby Jesus to bring their gifts...

He is so VERY excited!!!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!


  1. I love this idea! Looks like a lot of fun. I know you did a lot of prep work. I would like to do this someday too.

  2. Thanks, Shonda! I actually haven't put a TON of prep work into this... I'm kind of making it up as I go each day. The only thing I really did in advance was hunt down the right star to use and I found this one on Oriental Trading - I have 11 more, want one??? :)

  3. If you still have a star, I would love one!

  4. i just found this site! I love this idea.... I'm a friend of Shonda, i'll take a star! I have 5 kids and as of right now i'm looking to do a fun devotion with the kids, I really lik ethe idea of Elf on the shelf, but wanted to focus more on CHRIST...

  5. can't wait to begin sharing our pics!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing this post.