Monday, November 17, 2014

Usborne Christmas Book Winner

Congratulations to
Faye Yarbrough

You have won the giveaway for the Usborne 1001 Things to Spot at Christmas book!  An e-mail has been sent to you have you have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway.

If you still want this Christmas book, it is available for purchase through my website at this link.  Feel free to order anytime.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Giveaway

Usborne's 1001 Things Spot at Christmas is great for that child who loves to seek and find! Open the pages to Santa's wonderland and see how many of the items you can find inside the pictures.  This book is beautifully illustrated and is very comparable to Highlights only this book is hardcover and comes with a lifetime guarantee for 50% replacement fee if it ever gets damaged.  Now that is quality!!!

Due to 100 likes on Bekah's Book Nook page I will be giving away ONE copy of this book for FREE!!! Just follow the steps below to enter - good luck to all of you!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

WINNER of the Usborne Phonics Reader Giveway!!

I have hand picked the winner from the trusty drawing jar and the WINNER is....



I will send you an e-mail and you must respond within 24 hours to confirm your prize.  If you do not respond within 24 hours, a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway.  I will host another one, when Bekah's Book Nook facebook page reaches 100 likes!!! 


Monday, August 11, 2014

Shark Week: Deal & Giveaway

In honor of shark week, I'm hosting a Giveaway and Deal!!! Usborne Books are AWESOME! I ordered just a couple 3 months ago and was extremely impressed with them - high quality, lots of pictures, different reading levels (even in the SAME book), and their non-fiction books go great with our unit studies.  Now I sell these wonderful books and want to put awesome books into the hands of little ones every where!

So, first the DEAL!!! All 6 items in the picture above are ONLY $60!!! You will get the Shark Excavation Adventure Kit, Lift the Flap Sharks hardcover book, Big Book of Big Sea Creatures hardcover book, Sharks internet-linked hardcover book, Phonics Reader Shark in the Park paperback book and Sharks internet-referenced hardcover book.

The Shark Excavation Adventure Kit is AWESOME! Inside this kit is a clay rock that contains a complete skeleton of a Megalodon and your child will carefully "dig" it out.  All the tools are included.  My oldest son REALLY enjoyed this kit!

The Lift the Flap Sharks hardcover book is really cool too.  This is great for preschoolers and early elementary level children.  You'll learn about all kinds of facts about the beast of the sea.  This book presents the facts in a fun way.  Bonus part, if your child isn't much for reading this book is short and easy to read, and the pictures in and of itself will capture your child's attention.

Big Book of Big Sea Creatures hardcover book is unique and my impression of it was "WOW"!!! It has fold out pages in it that show you just how big these animals really are and the details are just amazing.  Covers animals from the sea turtle to the great white shark to the killer whale and many more.

Sharks internet-linked hardcover book is great for unit studies!!! This book has awesome pictures and interesting facts, but what makes it unique is that EACH page has an internet-link to it.  So, not only do you get to read this amazing book, but you get to be interactive with the pages of the book with an internet site.  You would go to a special link with Usborne and type in the title of this book and then locate the page number you are on, then you can see videos of sharks, watch divers swim with sharks, explore a world map and see where sharks live, see a shark's skeleton, take a shark quiz, shark science experiment to try at home, and so much more.  Both of my kids had lots of fun with this book, even my 18 month old got into the videos and science experiment!

Phonics Reader for Shark in the Park is a great way to get your practice in all those "ar" words! I used this book with a pirate theme, by the end of the week my 18 month old had the "arrrrr" sound down pretty good.  My oldest is quite advanced in his reading level, so this book ended up being very easy for him to read by the third time through it, but it was great practice and definitely boosted confidence level!

Sharks internet-referenced hardcover book is also great for unit studies!!! The only difference with internet-linked and internet-referenced is the internet-referenced contains all the links in the back of the book.  The books are completely different though! This sharks book contains many pictures, facts, and information that goes into great detail of these sea beasts.  I definitely recommend this book for K-3rd grades.

So, we had a shark week a little early in our house, but it was combined with a pirate theme.  Both my kids had TONS of fun and these books were PERFECT for us, along with some pirate theme ones.

On to the GIVE AWAY.... I am going to give away ONE "Shark in the Park" Phonics Reader to only ONE lucky blog reader!!!  This giveaway ends 8/19/14.

If you would like to just place an order or host a Facebook party, please e-mail me at rjmsurvance at yahoo dot com

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Good luck!


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Free June Organizer Printables

Can you believe it?!?!? It's JUNE!!! The year is half way over! And that means the holidays are officially only 5 months away!!! OK, don't freak out.... breathe, breathe, breathe... and count backwards from 5 to calm down (wait! Did Peg + Cat come into this post?!)

Well, it has been awhile, but I have brought back my organizer printables and it's updated just a tad.  So, since June starts tomorrow, here is the full month FREE for download.  Enjoy!!!

June Week 1 Printable

June Week 2 Printable

June Week 3 Printable

June Week 4 Printable

July will be coming soon...

Monday, May 12, 2014

We are done with School!!! But the kids aren't so thrilled, what?!

We finished school up about a month ago now and my kids have not been thrilled.  I don't think my oldest understands the meaning "summer break" or maybe it is just a homeschool thing?! Not sure.  Either way, since they have been driving me batty and crazy and squabbling so much, I ended up planning out some fun stuff for today.

This was primarily for Cadence to introduce tot school just to see how it would work with him, but big brother got into it too. :)

I pulled out one of our old boards and decided to begin with the letter A with Cadence.  I chose this because I know it is the one sound he can imitate.  By the time big brother and myself had finished singing the Leap Frog tune of "The A says /a/" he finished it with "/a/, /a/, /a/".  And we very intrigued with the apples, which lead to our next activity...

I found all of our plastic balls that are green, red, yellow and orange and put them in our dump truck.  I set it out just to see what the little monkey would do.  He looked inside the truck and immediately said "ball" and went to grab them and throw them.  As he picked them up I called out each color and then told them they were apples.  He looked at me like I was crazy and said "ball, mama". LOL  Smart little monkey! Then big brother showed him how to work the scoop on the truck, that was a little difficult, so he settled for dumping them instead!

Then came nap time and big brother chose his activity for the day...
He chose to paint his Mario Reward Chart, since he just finished "world 3 - ice world" and wanted to change it to "water world for world 4".  So, he painted bloopers and cheep cheeps and piranha plants all over water world.  And then he had reading time, we are doing a summer reading challenge with our local library, so he read his first book today, "What do you do with a grumpy kangaroo?".  Then he watched his new Veggie Tales movie that grandma and grandpa brought over this morning, Veggies in Space The Fennel Frontier.

After nap time, I set up some activities for the little Monkey to explore.  This one is a muffin tin with geometric shapes that I got from Oriental Trading (see it here).  The first thing he did was point to it and say "uh" and "what is that?" Then he found all the spheres and said "ball" and threw them, of course.  So, I showed him how to sort them by color.  He did pretty good, then decided building towers and knocking them down would be more fun.

His last activity, I think was his favorite one of all.  I cut out tree shape from construction paper and put that on the wall.  Then I covered the tree with contact paper, but the sticky side is out.  I cut off some strips of crepe paper in red, yellow and green, so that he could tear them and stick "apples" on the tree.  He LOVED the tearing part, but wanted me to put the apples on the tree and then he had fun harvesting them!!!  Then he tried to stick stuff on the tree.  He thought this was a great activity and continued it for about 30 minutes!!!

What do you do in your homeschool for little tots?

Have Fun & Be a Blessing!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Snow Theme (PreK-1)

Happy New Year! We ended up with a "Frozen" world here in the Great Lakes state.  Hit with an ice storm and so thankful God kept our power on, when everyone around us had lost theirs.  Then this past week we were buried with snow, not sure how much, our ruler got buried and I have no idea where it is anymore?! Roughly around 18" or so of snow.  So to start our first week back into school after the holidays what a perfect time to do a snow theme! With plenty of snow in the yard, a little too cold to play in since arctic chill hit us with -30+ degrees in wind chill, I mean brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, especially for me since I am NOT the snow bunny! I mean I literally despise winter and it's WAY too long in this state.  But just because I don't like it, doesn't mean my kids won't, so snow fun here we go!!!

Here is our circle time board:

Every morning we reviewed the poster board, calendar, weather, read a book about snow, and did our morning discussion.  Here is what we discussed each day:
1. Did you know snowflakes are all different?
2. What can you make in snow?
3. How is snow formed?
4. What are snow caps?
5. How do you build a snowman?

Our Bible time began with our daily prayer each day.  My Funky Monkey has this prayer memorized now, so he leads me in it - which is just awesome!
Our Bible Point is "God's Child is Forgiven!" So, we read the following Bible stories this week:
1. The Prodigal Son
2. Jesus' Death on the Cross
3. Jonah and the Whale
4. Jacob and Esau

We discussed how each story showed us that God's Child is Forgiven.  Taught him what "forgiveness" means and what it looks like.

And we made our verse page to add to our "Bible" Journal, here it is:

And of course he earned his award for memorizing his Scripture.  We are going to make a journal page for each verse this year and review them on a monthly basis.  God is showing me more and more that this is the importance to our homeschool, it's our foundation.  To seep my children in the Word of God!

Here is a glimpse of the rest of the activities we did this week:
Making Snow Cream!
Click HERE for the recipe.
We made both vanilla and chocolate.

Chocolate was his favorite!

Chunky Monkey had no preference, he wanted BOTH!

Snowflake Bead Craft
We got this from Oriental Trading.

First he sorted all the beads out by color.

Then using a pattern, put the beads on each
side of the snowflake.

And voila! Beautiful snowflake!
He chose to hang it in our new school area.

Science Experiment
We talked about what freezing point is.
I gave him a thermometer and had him put it
in different areas to read it.
(1) The window pane to read outside temp of -10*F
(2) The freezer to read temp of -25*F
(3) The refrigerator to read temp of 36*F

Then I asked him if we filled balloons up with water,
would it freeze into ice outside? He said yes, so 
we tested it! Our balloon ended up more like
and ice bowl instead of an ice ball though. But it did freeze!

Our Math Workbox!
We are working on the one's addition facts.
So I have snowman drill cards, giant buttons,
addition puzzles for one facts, and cubes.
We also used this song to help learn the addition
one facts, click HERE for video.

We learned the following for math lessons:
(1) Adding by counting on from the larger number
(2) Adding in any order (1+2=2+1)
(3) Writing addition stories
(4) Problem Solving Addition Stories

Addition Snowman Building Worksheet
He cut out the snowballs to build the snowman.
Each snowman has an addition problem on it,
and he is to put on the correct snowball to answer
the addition problem.

To help him solve the problems, he decided to
use the giant buttons.  So, if a question was 1+2, he
set out 1 button on side and 2 on the other to help
him solve the problem. 

Tens Frame Snowman Building
This worksheet is where he matched a tens frame
picture to the number on the snowman.
I set out a tens frame and he decided to use his cubes.
He placed the number of cubes into the tens frame,
which gave him a picture clue to match to the picture
tens frame on the final snowball to build the snowman.

Language Arts Workbox
Worked on the following:
(1) -ow word family, sentence building, and reading
(2) sight words (down, up, here, go) and reviewing the past 20 we learned
(3) handwriting for letter S and journal prompts 

"OW" Worksheet from Wordway

Writing "OW" and completing words.

Sight Word Search
He used his stampers to find the sight words.

Handwriting Practice
I have these great dry erase journals with
handwriting lines.  I write the capital and lowercase
letter and a sentence for him.  He writes his own
capital/lowercase letter and the sentence underneath
mine.  He is getting better and better with writing!
And he decided to draw a picture for the sentence too.

We studied the state of Alaska this week.
Learned the basic facts (capital, motto, nickname, flower, bird)
And learned some interesting facts too...
(1) the flag was created by a 13 year old boy
(2) has the largest active volcano chain

Science Experiment: Icy Roads
I froze water in a cookie sheet outside and then brought
it inside (again, too cold to go outside, -16*F in the day!)
Of course both my kids are interested in it, right away!

Funky Monkey tried to push cars in a straight line across
the ice and found out real quick that they always spin out.
Chunky Monkey liked dropping cars onto the ice and 
trying to play in it, till he got too cold, then he was done!

Then we talked about freezing point again.  And asked
him what we could use to help the cars drive better?
He said salt - that's my northerner for you!
So, we put salt down and again talked about freezing point
and how salt lowers the freezing point.  And then talked about
how salt doesn't work when it is too cold outside, like the temps
we are experiencing this week outside.  So, what else could we use?
He thought pepper might work, but it didn't.  So, I suggested sand and
he was like, let's see.  So, I gave him "sand", it was actually
cornmeal, since I didn't have any sand on hand.  And that helped
the cars drive much easier across the ice.

Arctic Freeze CVC Center Activity

After turning over his card and spelling out the word
on the game board, he then writes the word into the correct
picture box that matches the card.

Here he is working hard!

He did really good!

Another Oriental Craft - Rhinestone Snowflake!

I got this snowflake shaped dry erase sticker cling
from Oriental Trading.  It's pretty awesome!
And it fits into our winter themes very nicely.
I use it to post the date and our morning question of the day.

Our Snowman and Melting Snow Ball Bath!!!

These 2 had a blast finding all the stuff in their bath
and exploring melting snow balls (shaving cream).

Finally got warm enough to go outside, the arctic air
ceased and we actually got into the 30's!!!
So that meant snow play time and with all this snow
we got to build a BIG snowman!!!

Daddy and Funky Monkey working together!

Patting the snowman's belly! hehe

Awww, he likes WARM HUGS!!!!

That was a glimpse of our snow themed week.  We did cover lots of other stuff too, but I didn't get pictures of everything.  Next week... PENGUINS!
Until next time...

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!