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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Review & Giveaway: What's in the Bible? DVD #1

What's in the Bible? Vol. 1 - In The Beginning: A comical, entertaining, educational, and musical film all in one.  This volume is divided into two parts, Part 1 - What's in the Bible? and Part 2 - Genesis.  Part 1, covered quite a bit from what is the Bible to what is the Bible about and a complete breakdown of the Bible.  When they ask "what is the Bible?" they visit a scientist who tells you the Bible is a book that is covered in cow's skin to a Sunday School Teacher who tells you the Bible is a book and is not a book! Sounds confusing, right? Well, it's actually quite funny and enlightening all at the same time.  And in the end you find out that the Bible is in fact a book wrapped in cow's skin that is a book and is not a book because it is comprised of many books that cover a wide range of topics from history to poetry to letters to gospels to end of the world, which in fact has over 40 authors that have been inspired by God's thoughts to write their part in the Bible.  Now that's a WHOLE lot of information all in one bit, eh? Good thing, the Sunday School Teacher has a magic flannel board to help keep it all in small nuggets, so that you get everything that is being taught to you.  At the end of Part 1, you'll come back to an eight year old that is not afraid to speak his mind, who then tells you what the Bible is and then will say, "that's great! but what about Genesis, I still know nothing about this book!" Which then brings you to Part 2...

Part 2 is just as lively as Part 1 and full of entertainment.  They give a recap of what was learned in Part 1 and then expands on into who wrote the Bible.  Which of course is like over 40 authors and defines what "inspired by God" means, "God-breathed", so the entire Bible is inspired by God or the words are "God-breathed".  And then of course this lively eight year old comes back in with and what about Genesis? Oh yeah! So, we are introduced to a couple brothers who sing an enticing song all about Genesis, really catchy tune, my almost 2 year old LOVED this song and watched the entire song part.  You'll learn all about the Book of Genesis just in this one song that Genesis means "beginning", God spoke everything into existence, sin was wiped out with a flood, and so much more they would like to add into the song.

All in all, for just two parts that aren't very long to watch, about 25 minutes each, you'll gain insight into the Bible in a doctrinal way.  It's like going to Bible School only you get a comedian, concert, newscast, and teacher all in one - oh and you can't forget the inescapable commercials about "ponies".  This movie Phil Vischer created is great for children's ministry leaders/volunteers, parents, homeschoolers, teachers in private schools, or just the young at heart that want to learn more about the Bible in a child's viewpoint.  Hey! The Bible does tell us to "come as a child" - I still love to learn like a child.  I highly recommend this DVD for helping you teach your children about the Bible.  This alone can be a curriculum all within itself!

There were only two concerns I found in this movie and these are my personal opinion.  I highly suggest as I always do, whatever movie you choose to watch, pray and ask God to give you spiritual discernment, so you know how to weed out truth and man-made statements.

1. The authors of the Bible wrote based upon inspiration from God, but it's stated in the movie with an expansion that though they were inspired thoughts and ideas from God, they chose what to write.  I don't agree with this because the Bible is VERY clear that God's Word is clearly inspiration from God.  I will not give any doubt to the Bible that there is "human" expression or thought placed into it because that will give leeway to those groups who want to say that the Bible is nothing more than a storybook or myth/legend.  In no way, did this movie give the expression that the Bible is a storybook or myth/legend, it did a VERY good job of not giving that.  But this statement within the movie just didn't set well inside of me.

2.  There is part in the movie that talks about how long is a day.  The movie expresses two different opinions and states we don't truly know.  But the Bible is VERY clear that in the heavenly realm a day is like a thousand years.  Which does point that God has no span of time.  But to state that "millions of years" could actually be truth, gives into the fact that secular scientists could be right.  When in fact, that's not truth.  Science is contradictory on their carbon dating all the time and still can't prove the age of the earth or even age of rocks or trees, it's nothing more than a mere guess, a hypothesis, per say.  It just didn't set well that we would even question how long a day is, when the Bible is clear about how long a day is.  The Bible is truth and we should not question it.

Characters You Will Meet
What's in the Bible? allows you to meet a bunch of different lively characters, I'll name and cover a few of the ones that my family fell in love with...

1.  Buck Denver - the man of News!
This is a lively newscaster who gets sidetracked now and then, but all in all sets out to find the answer to your tough questions!

2.  Sunday School Lady
Don't tell her she's old, but here's a Sunday School teacher with all the down low! And her magic flannel board is pretty awesome!

3.  Clive and Ian
Archaeologist brothers who love nature, but one of them has a fascination with ponies! Yep, the shout outs to "ponies" attracted my 6 year old son's attention and now everywhere I go I hear "ponies!!!!"

Discussion Questions
There are soooo many things you can pull out of this movie to discuss as family or in a class setting or for homeschool or whatever.  Here are few things to get you started:

1.  What is the Bible?

2.  What is your favorite book of the Bible? Why?

3.  What do you use the Bible for?

4.  Do you believe everything in the Bible? Why or why not?

This movie is PACKED full of soooo much information, I could give you a full post alone on activities to supplement with it for reinforcing, but I'll just give you a few.  If you want more, let me know.
  • OLD or NEW Game
    On two pieces of paper, write "OLD" on one and "NEW" on the other.  Tape on separate walls. Call out a book of the Bible and have the kid(s) run to the wall they think it's found in.  Keep score and see how they did!
  • Author Memory
    Make cards, one set with the authors and one set with the books of the Bible.  Play a game of memory where you have to match the author to the correct book of the Bible that author wrote.
  • Genesis Timeline
    Have your kids draw pictures on papers to make a timeline of the events recorded in Genesis.

Alright, so now you have a synopsis of What's in the Bible? DVD #1 - In the Beginning... so, I'd like to share with you, if you don't own this DVD, you can get it right now at Family Christian for ONLY $9.97 - hurry, limited quantities and this deal ends December 24, 2014.

Family Christian who sent me this DVD to watch and write an objective review has given me a $10 Appreciation Certificate to giveaway to one of my lucky readers.  Enter below in the rafflecopter (may take a second to load).  Winner will be announced on Monday, December 15, 2014 and you will have 48 hours to claim your prize or a new winner will be selected.

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DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL PROVIDED: I received a copy of this DVD from Family Christian for review purposes.  I was not compensated for this review, nor was I required to post a positive review.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely are my own.  This post contains NO affiliate links.

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

Story Corner: Thankful Together

Thankful Together
by Holly Davis

This book highlights the simplicity of things to be thankful for all throughout the day.  This mom and baby go throughout their day, like any other normal day, but they emphasize those small moments that can easily be taken for granted and overlooked and share how thankful they are...
     - for a wonderful morning
     - for clothes that we wear
     - for food that we eat
     - for games that we play
     - for the world God made
     - for laughter and fun

As mom, this book is a great reminder to cherish every moment, no matter how stressful some days are or how many sibling battles you have to referee or how many moments you can recall where you lost your own self-control.  Every moment good or bad is one to be thankful for because you are living them out TOGETHER!

Bible Point:
Give thanks in ALL circumstances.

Memory Verse:
"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." - 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Pinterest Activities:
We did the following activities from Pinterest to go along with our book...

1. Thankfulness Wreath from The Glamorous Life of a Housewife

2.  Give Thanks Scripture Cards from Second Chance to Dream

3.  The Gratitude Game from Play. Party. Pin.

4.  Thankful Bingo from Crazy Little Projects

*Note: The photos on the "activities" are not mine.  They are direct from the creators of the blogs that have been linked to and can also be found on Pinterest.

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Veggie Tales: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas Review and Family Night

Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas shows us the depiction of how the world's persona of hustle and bustle distracts us and how one person can make a difference that affects everyone around them and makes them want to know "what makes them so different?" This is one of the BEST Veggie Tales Christmas movies by far and I've loved the others, but this one speaks out and has great meaning to it.  Even my 6 year old noticed what this movie was portraying and made him realize he could make an impact... more on that later.

Bob in the movie is doing all he can to make this shopping center full of pizzazz and the attitude is "the more the merrier".  Larry works as an elf and writes down all the children's requests for what they want on Christmas and one little girl surprises him when she says "nothing" and then asks for them to purchase a card so she can help a neighbor in need.  Larry was so mystified by her humbleness that he tries to talk it over with Bob, but he's so indulged in promoting lights, trees, and so much MORE in decorations because it all about the pizzazz... Larry goes off to find this little girl. After he finds this little girl he asks her what she's raising money for and finds out it's for her next door neighbor who is in desperate need of her home being fixed up.  Larry is so touched by the kindness and humbleness of this girl's heart that he sets out to help her.

This movie reminds me of the birth of Jesus.  Everyone in the town of Bethlehem was so distracted with the hustle and bustle of everyone coming to town, innkeepers trying to keep up with all their guests that they just turned down Mary and Joseph every where they knocked for a place to stay... until one innkeeper told them they could stay in the stable.  There they went to a lowly place and not in the hustle and bustle of the inn, I highly doubt the innkeeper even tended to them because they were "out back".  But Mary and Joseph's humbleness to hunker down in a stable where Mary gave birth to a king! Now think about it, there was a bright star in the sky that night that "shone down" over the stable... angels appeared to shepherds who also told people about their experience... kings from far far far away sought out to see this child... and yet, everyone else was distracted by getting settled into rooms, eating, drinking, probably making sure they knew where to go to sign this Census thing and they MISSED the most important event in all of history that happened right in their own backyard, so to speak.

Bob was highly distracted with all the Christmas pizzazz he was conjuring up in this shopping plaza. Larry comes by and asks him if he can use some decorations and Bob is like "finally! you are coming to your senses and wanting to help!" and gives him permission to use anything he wants.  Not realizing though that Larry was taking every thing to put on this house that was in need to draw "attention" to it.  When Bob comes back in the next day all the decorations are GONE - oh no, major disaster, right? On the verge of Bob's breakdown he tears through the attic searching for whatever decorations are left and comes across an old nativity set that reminded him of childhood years and realizes right then that Christmas is so much more!

That night Jesus was born a great light shone over the stable, it should have drawn attention.  It should have made people question, why is that star so bright tonight? Question is, how much do you allow yourself to be distracted from the real meaning of Christmas? Are you caught up in the hustle and bustle that you miss out on those very special moments of Jesus' presence? Remember what Christmas is all about - God gave us Jesus because He loves us so much, so we are to give back and let the light of Jesus shine through us!!!

I mentioned earlier that my 6 year old son noticed he could make an impact because of this movie. He decided he wanted to help people in our very city.  When we went out and about he always noticed homeless people that had nothing and asking for money, so he asked me if we could put together bags for some of those people to give them something they could use.  I was completely touched by this and told him, yes, we could.  So, we went out and bought different items to put into some blessing bags for these people who are living on the streets.  He put together two blessing bags for homeless people and they contained the following items: deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, kleenex, chapstick, lotion, soap, hand warmers, mouth wash, gum, McDonalds gift certificate and a handled bag to carry it all in.

Bags are ready and set to give away now - may the love of Jesus shine through us to those who are blessed with these bags!!!

Family Night Fun:
Started out the night with a Christmas Tree and ornament activity.  I made the Christmas tree out of poster board and bought a craft pack of foam ornaments from Joanns that was on sale for 60% off! It turned out to be pretty cute and kept both my kids entertained!
This little guy got a sneak peek at this activity early on, so he decided to try it out early.

He played with this tree off/on throughout the day.

When big brother came home from school, they both played with it.

Pulling off ornaments, putting them back on, trying to make patterns and just having fun!

Then I had them pull off ALL the ornaments from the tree and gave them a bin of beads to fill into the holes on the ornaments.  My oldest thought it was easy and my youngest surprised me and did it ALL by himself!

After dinner, I let the kids make gingerbread houses and decorated with M&M's for "lights" like in Merry Larry. 

They both had fun putting on their "lights".

This one is very particular and wanted it to be "perfect".

This one on the other hand couldn't wait to eat it!

Hehe, little stinker! 

Then they both dug in - yummy!!!

Then it was bath time and I made it extra special with a surprise in the tub!!!

Christmas Tree and Ornaments with red candy cane water!
This is super easy to make, just cut the tree shape out of craft foam.
I bought pre-cut foam ornaments on sale at Joanns.
Just get the foam wet and it will stick to the tub, walls, even glass!

Boys were super excited to get into the tub and play!!!

After the bath, the boys got ready for their last craft of the night.  I found a FREE printable from "saving said simply", where the boys could paint "lights" onto a strand.  Instead of using their thumbprints, since neither of my boys care to fingerpaint, I gave them both Q-tips to use.  
You can get your own free printable from HERE.

Both painting their "lights".

This was my youngest's favorite part of the night!

He kept saying "dot, dot, dot!" as he painted!

He called it a "maze", lol.

Last part of the night was to watch the movie, curl up on the couch with a "Merry Larry" popcorn bucket! I just printed out a "Merry Larry" and taped it to popcorn buckets that I had gotten from Dollar Tree, super easy.

They both had so much fun! The youngest crashed before the movie was over and the oldest didn't want the night to end!

Have your own Family Movie Night with "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas" and pick up a copy at Family Christian Store for ONLY $5 during Doorbuster deals December 12-14, 2014!!!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tot School: T is for Turkey

~Chunky Monkey is 22 months old~

Our first attempt at Tot School with my littlest monkey in the house right now.  I didn't prepare a school board like I did for my Funky Monkey, only because I'm still learning what keeps this littlest monkey's attention.  So, this week was more for "experimentation", to see what he likes, to see what interests him, to see what he does with different trays, to see if repetition is the key with him or not, etc.  All I have to say is this week was VERY interesting!!!

My second born child is very independent, stubborn, and pretty much will only do what he "wants" to do.  This is cool by me, but I have to learn through this in how to teach him.  And some things no matter how much he wanted to do it ALL by himself, just couldn't happen... after glue on EVERY thing, I finally figured out it was easier to give him a Q-tip with a blob of glue on a plate than to give him the glue bottle!!! After about a million sticky messes with glue I learned pretty quickly, I hope, hehe.

So take a peek into our T is for Turkey week... please forgive some of my photos without a Chunky Monkey in them, he's quite the character that trying to take photos becomes a game of "get the camera", so if he is MIA, he got distracted...

Our "Letter" of the day is introduced in a mailbox! We sing a little song and he opens the mailbox to pull out the magnetic letter "T" and the "T" word cards.  We review all the word cards and practice what the "T" says.

Both of my boys did these.  My Chunky Monkey's is the top one and my Funky Monkey's is the bottom one.  I laid out their plastic mats with stickers on both and the pumpkin card template. They both got busy decorating, but my littlest one needed help getting the backing off the stickers and wanted to sit on my lap while creating his.

Littlest guy made his "T" for turkey letter craft - this is when I figured out glue on a plate with a Q-tip was WAY easier! After it dried we put our "T" word cards on it and practiced what the "T" says.

Q-tip painting!!! When he first saw the Q-tips he tried to clean out his ears, lol.  Then he saw the paint and went right to town.  I showed him how to "dot" on the dots and then let him go for it.  He could paint for hours!!!

I had two other tot trays as well, but I didn't get pictures of them.  One tray had a Letter T on it and I had a HUGE push pin that he used to poke holes in the formation of the Letter T, but I couldn't take pictures while he was doing that tray.  And the other tray was a do-a-dot Letter T and I gave him buttons in a box to pull out and put on the "dots".  He had more fun dumping the buttons and sending them all across the floor!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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Usborne Christmas Book Winner

Congratulations to
Faye Yarbrough

You have won the giveaway for the Usborne 1001 Things to Spot at Christmas book!  An e-mail has been sent to you have you have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this giveaway.

If you still want this Christmas book, it is available for purchase through my website at this link.  Feel free to order anytime.


Saturday, November 8, 2014

1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Giveaway

Usborne's 1001 Things Spot at Christmas is great for that child who loves to seek and find! Open the pages to Santa's wonderland and see how many of the items you can find inside the pictures.  This book is beautifully illustrated and is very comparable to Highlights only this book is hardcover and comes with a lifetime guarantee for 50% replacement fee if it ever gets damaged.  Now that is quality!!!

Due to 100 likes on Bekah's Book Nook page I will be giving away ONE copy of this book for FREE!!! Just follow the steps below to enter - good luck to all of you!

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