Sunday, January 29, 2012

Story Corner: Dinos in the Snow

Story Corner...
Lesson on There is a Time for Everything

Book: Dinos in the Snow by Karma Wilson

Easy read of a book and great for a dinosaur lover! Discover what dinosaurs do in the snow from dressing warm to playing in the snow to what specific dinosaurs do best (like dilaphosaurus builds the biggest snowman in town) and ending with warming up with hot cocoa and sleeping in the snow (guess they got REALLY warm!).  A great winter book for a young pre-reader/reader.

Bible Point: 
God gave us time for everything!

Memory Verse:
"For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven." Ecclesiastes 3:1


  • Science Experiment: Make Snow & Dino Play

After we made our snow, we put dino toys in it.
I read the book while he played.

Then we made the dinos sled in the snow...

Sleep in the snow...

Get stuck in the snow and try to look for them...

Dig them out!

And of course pull them out, so they could warm up with some hot cocoa
and then put them back in to sleep!

Have fun and Be a blessing!

    Tot School Classified: Mom


    1. the child was innocentv and lovely,this is my site Du lich campuchia

    2. That book looks great! I love Karma Wilson!! Dinosaurs are a big hit around here. We got some snow yesterday but just a dusting. We still haven't gotten enough snow to play in. This will be a great way to make up for that! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Hey Jackie - know the feeling of only "dustings". We live in Michigan and still haven't had a good snow yet this year... the insta-snow made it worth while! :) It also freezes great, so you can pull it out whenever you want. :D

    3. great activity, I have a dinosaur enthusiast at my house and he would love this!