Saturday, January 28, 2012

PreK Science Experiment #1: Make Snow

We busted out the Big Bag of Science kit for the FIRST time.  I have to say I am REALLY impressed with this activity kit.  There are HUGE test tubes, which are GREAT for chubby little accident prone hands.  Comes with over 72+ science experiments and an instruction book that also includes how to, explanation, and science journal ideas.

Our first experiment was to make snow - find out what else we did this experiment at Story Corner: Dinos in the Snow.

So, we pulled out the large test tube, the insta-snow powder, the blue scoop, 2 oz. cup, and a cup of water.  You pour water into the 2 oz. cup.  Fill the blue scoop with powder then add to the test tube.  Then add the water to the test tube and then WATCH! To our amazement the water dissolved and the powder expanded and started to grow into SNOW!!! First it felt warm, but when we poured it out and started playing with it, it got REALLY cold!

To give it another test, we put in the freezer for a couple hours and then pulled it back out.  It froze to a crust, like real snow! We made snow balls, snow mountains, and of course pulled out toys to play in it!

Here are our pictures of our fun:

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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  1. I haven't heard of the big bag of science before. I looked it up and it looks like lots of fun. I am going to put this on my science I want to do with my girls. Cool!


    1. I just stumbled across the website one day and so I pinned it, then put in on our Christmas wish list. Jordan got it as a gift for Christmas - we finally opened it and now he looks forward to science every day (even on the days we don't have school). LOL It's awesome stuff! I also noticed that you can buy extra packets of the science experiments at Hobby Lobby - I had to pick up some extra insta-snow. :)

  2. Very cool!! We might want to try this when we are in FL, not in Maine:)
    Here from the Hop!

    1. Thanks for hopping by! I'm in Michigan, but we didn't get much snow this year, lol.

  3. I have to admit I'm kinda curious now about this kit. I've had mixed results (mostly bad) with kits, so I'm always a little leary of them. Glad to hear this one is fun!

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

    1. This kit was recommended by so many homeschooling families that I had to try it - I am VERY pleased with it. I love the HUGE tubes and the easy pouring items - my son can do them by himself. And the book it comes with has so much information in it, so it's not like I have to be an expert at science - and it gives great information for journaling too. I love it! Thanks for stopping by Ticia!