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Product Review: Activity Kit for Toddlers #FCBlogger

Disclaimer: Family Christian provided me a free copy of Growing in Grace: Hymns and Bible Songs Activity Kit for review purposes only.  I was not compensated, nor am I required to give a positive review.  The opinions expressed here are my own.  There are NO affiliate links attached to this post.

My kids were so excited when this came in.  I told them it was music for us to use in our homeschool and had some activities in it and they were pumped... UNTIL... we opened it!

My oldest's response was, "awww, that's it?!" and youngest was excited about the crayons and the stickers, but not too impressed with the book to color.

So, I said, let's listen to the music, maybe that will be cool... they got excited, then this was the look I got when the music played from my oldest...

Yes, that is a very disappointed boy who LOVES music!

My oldest's response, "this is baby music!"

My youngest's response, "off, mama".

Can't beat the brutal honesty of kids and mine are 6 and 2 years old.

My Review of the Product:
Overall I wasn't too impressed, just like my kids.  But I stayed positive with my kids as we were listening to the CD and looking at the activity stuff.  The coloring book is tiny and this is geared more to my two year old's level and it's really hard for a two year old to color tiny pictures.  Little kids want to lay it out in front of them and have the ability to experience those fine motor skills that they are just trying to figure out by actually having enough space to color on.  So, my youngest got bored with it rather quickly, so I just pulled out some paper for him to use the crayons and stickers on.  The music on the CD is kind of "babyish" like my oldest pointed out.  It's more like a lullaby CD but with hymns, it's slow moving, each song almost sounds the same other than the words being different.  I find this to be a little ironic because again, this is geared toward that toddler level, this is a great CD to put them to sleep to for a nap time, but if you want them to engage in the CD, you need some fun stuff to get them moving to it.  It's so slow, I couldn't even come up with many hand motions to the songs.  So, instead I gave my kids streamers to praise the Lord too, but that lasted maybe 2 minutes and they were done with the CD.  I even tried taking the CD into a toddler class at church, it calmed down all those sad faces who wanted their mommies and then put them to sleep, but the others ignored the CD or like my two year old said, "off, please".  I wouldn't recommend this product to a children's ministry for their toddler department, but I would recommend the CD to the nursery! Babies would LOVE this kind of CD!  In all honesty, I was rather disappointed with this activity kit for toddlers, I definitely think it could have more potential to reach the toddler age with a little more creativity.

Here is the product link for Growing in Grace: Hymns and Bible Songs Activity Kit with Family Christian.  Maybe your kids will have a different experience than mine!  It's currently on sale for ONLY $6.97.

Oldest son's rating:  1 star

Youngest son's rating:   "Thumbs Down!"

My Overall Rating:  2 stars  

Family Christian has given me a $10 appreciation certificate that can be used online or in store to offer one lucky reader.  Enter for your chance to win in the Rafflecopter below (please be patient, may take a moment to load).

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Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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