Sunday, March 1, 2015

President's Day Fun

President's Day Unit Study: Abraham Lincoln

Our unit study was based around two books that I got from Scholastic, "I am Abraham Lincoln" and "Abraham Lincoln".  We learned that Abraham Lincoln grew up in a log cabin and always wanted to go to school, but couldn't because he had to help out on the farm.  That mused my oldest so much, he decided he wanted to work on a farm too! Then we found out that Abraham Lincoln knew how to handle bullies and that writing on trees is a great chalkboard for practicing writing the alphabet.  We also had Abraham Lincoln's favorite snack: cheese, crackers and nuts.  And we discovered what money Abraham Lincoln was on.  Plus went back through Washington D.C. pictures and books to discover the monuments and places my kids visited that related to Abraham Lincoln.

We started out our study though with a coin sorting activity!
I made cloud dough (8 cups flour to 1 cup baby oil) and then hid a bunch of coins in it.

They dug through it looking for different coins.

As they found them, my oldest would match up which column it belonged into on the sorting page.

This little guy thought it was a blast to dig and got excited when he found a coin!

He made a log cabin out of popsicle sticks for a craft!

This is a great book to start with and it's entertaining!
Not too overwhelming with facts, just enough to make it fun.

This book was my oldest's reading time, then he told me about everything he learned.

Since Abraham Lincoln liked to practice writing the alphabet on trees, I had him make a chalkboard from a wooden tray.  Here he is painting it up!

What did you do for President's Day?

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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