Friday, November 30, 2012

PreK Week 3: Letter T = Thankful

Thanksgiving week and yes, we still did school! He actually enjoyed having daddy home to see him do school, so he was VERY excited to show off everything he did! It was way too cute.

Here is our school board:

Overview of our week's lessons:
  • Letter & Phonics Time
    - Letter T Sort (capital and lowercase)
    - Letter T Worksheet (circle the pictures that begin with T)
    - Letter T Words Hunt & What's the Sound Song
  • Calendar & Weather Time
    - Months of the Year Song
    - Days of the Week Song
    - Counting the Dates and adding Today's Date
    - What's the Weather Song
    - Daily Calendar & Weather Journal
  • Writing Time
    - Letter T Practice to add to Journal
    - Floor Letter T (used painter's tape)
    - Playdough Mat
  • Reading Time
    - Thanksgiving Books
    - Guided Reading Books
    - Self-Reading Time (10 minutes daily)
  • Math Time
    - Number 5 Poem, Journal Sheet
    - Number 5 Worksheet
    - Cornucopia Counting
    - Candy Corn Math (addition & subtraction)
  • Fine Motor Skills Practice
    - Scissor Practice
    - Tens Frames with manipulatives
    - Arranging Flowers in a Parmesan Container
  • Art Time
    - Thanksgiving Wreath Craft
    - Give Thanks Squirrel Craft
    - Thanksgiving Placemat Gifts for Grandparents
    - Letter T Craft
    - Thanksgiving Lapbook
  • Color Time
    - Brown Song
    - Brown Hunt
  • Shape Time
    - Square Song
    - Square Drawing Practice
    - Shape Journal Entry
    - Square Sheet for Shape Book
 Pictures of our week:

 Our Thanksgiving Lapbook:
Front cover of the lapbook is a thankful turkey from Christian Preschool Printables.
The feathers came with words to trace and then he colored them.
I love the blue turkey though, goes great with his new joke he learned.
"what is blue and covered in feathers? a turkey holding it's breath" hahahaha

First section of the inside of the lapbook.
Left flap: Thank You God for mini book from Christian Preschool Printables
and a Spelling pocket for practicing spelling THANKS.
Right flap: Verses that go with the Pilgrim's voyage and discovery.
Middle: Condensed version of the Pilgrim Story of Thanksgiving.

Second inside section of the lapbook:
left flap: Numbers Pocket, has Thanksgiving numbers from a PreK packet from Homeschool Creations
and Counting Packet, has Thanksgiving pictures to count and match the number to, PreK packet from Homeschool Creations.
middle: Thanksgiving prewriting from PreK packet from Homeschool Creations.
Thank You Lord for Pumpkin with pictures of things to be thankful for inside from Christian Preschool Printables.

Glued our Squirrel craft on the back!

Have fun and be a blessing!


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