Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Weekly Organization

Needing a boost of organization without trying to track inside a HUGE binder with millions of tabs? I finally simplified my binder! And this works for me, so I thought maybe it would work for someone else.  I am a person that once I find a short cut, I'm gonna use it and then probably find a way to simplify it more, lol.

So, my weekly printable log has become my short cut.  It has everything I need to track for the week on TWO pages, yes, only 2 pages.  So, wonderful! Now, I can just glue these 2 pages inside a file folder and place that inside my calendar and away I go - simple.

So, I thought I would share with everyone the February printables, since I just finished them.  There is 5 files, since savvy me couldn't figure out how to put them all into one! LOL  I'll figure it out for March.

Overview of the Week
Cleaning Task List
To Do List
Goal List
Meal Plan for the Week
Grocery List
School Supply List
Notes Area


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  1. So i would love these bad boys to come back how awesome

    1. Planning on it! I have June, July and August 2014 ready to go and should be posted this weekend. :)