Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 1: Hearts and Love Review

The month of February will be focused on hearts and love for us.  I chose 1 Corinthians 13 as our basis for "what is love?" and hoping he'll have the 4 verses memorized about what love is and what love is not by the end of the month.  With week 1 down, he has memorized one full verse, and I truly believe it's because I put the verses to song, it made it easier for him! :)

Here is our poster board for week 1 of our month:

Working on the letter "H", I again used our little mailbox to house a magnetic letter "H" and all our "H" vocabulary cards (which are hippo, house, horse, hammock, hammer, heart, hexagon, hotel).  My son looks forward to this every day now, that he sings with me and wants to pull the letter out, so he can stick it on the outside of the mailbox.

Here are the pictures of our week in review (I apologize if there are a lot, but we covered a lot -  I was amazed myself and 2 days were non school days):
He is getting REALLY good at writing at his name.  Although on this one, he wanted my help for the last 3 letters, that's why they look they neater.

This was one of our math activities to work numbers 1, 2, and 3.
I got these cute number printables from Erica @ 1+1+1=1 in the Members Only section.

Our color this week to work on is RED.
I found this cute puzzle printable from Erica @ 1+1+1=1 in the Members Only section.
My son did the puzzle in a snap, so I had sound out the word "red" and read it to me.
He also named each of the things on the puzzle.

This is from Our Little Monkeys blog: I love trucks Valentine PreK pack.
This really helped my son with learning left and right.  He was so proud when he was done.

This is another worksheet from I Love Trucks PreK Pack (Our Little Monkeys Blog).
My son would zoom his car along each row stating each number, then would stop when there was a blank and fill in the correct number.  Car totally fit the theme of the pack!

Patterning Worksheet from I Love Trucks PreK Pack (Our Little Monkeys Blog)

Prewriting Worksheet for the Letter "H" from Erica @ 1+1+1=1 (Freebie)
As you can see we are still working on stopping at the "dead end".

Find the Letter "H" and Stamp It!
My son LOVED this, but the stamps are new to him.
This is our second activity using stamps. :)

Heart Color Book from 2 Teaching Mommies
My son is getting better at making sure there is no "white" left, but we are
still working on being careful not to color outside the lines.
And I LOVE his tracing! He is getting so good at his writing skills.

Number Valentine Book from 2 Teaching Mommies
He colored the "1" heart, I tried to have him color the number 1, but he wanted to make his own "1" inside the number - I think he did awesome! And his tracing skills for writing are good.

Prewriting worksheet from I Love Trucks PreK Pack.
My son LOVES these prewrite sheets!

I Love Trucks PreK Pack
Identify which is the biggest.  Of course my son noticed it had a train on it, 
so right away he was ready to go for this activity.

 Scissor Cutting Practice
I've had to look hard for "easy" scissors for him to use.
He has a real hard time with regular scissors with the "lifting".
I found these "easy-lift" scissors at the Dollar Store and have placed
an order at Timber Doodle for "My First Scissors" as I think those will be
better for him right now.  But he did really good with these "easy-lift" scissors.
All I did was take a sheet of cardstock and draw boxes, and put stickers in each box.

LOVE Bento Lunch
Envelope cheese sandwich sealed with a heart.
LOVE - ham cut outs
XO - cheese cut outs
Hearts - ham cut outs
Cone - ice cream cone filled with apple dices and strawberry slices

Number Counting Book from 2 Teaching Mommies
Colored the hearts, wrote the number within the number and traced the words.

Ladder Building Practice
We used the car and it got to move to the next "bar" of the ladder
after he sounded out and read the letters.  Then we did it REALLY
fast and the car zoomed along! FUN and funny! :)

Find the letter "H" in the short story.
He stuck stickers on the "H"s.

Science Lesson (my favorite)
I LOVE science, so this was fun for me too. :)
I drew a body on a sheet of paper and then told my son
that everyone has a heart within them.  I had him hold his hand
over his heart to feel his heart beat.  I told him the beating is the heart
pumping blood throughout the body.  So, I drew the lungs and the heart
in the body.  Then showed him how the blood pumps out of the 
heart into the lung and told him it does this because it needs air (but
it was more like QUICK I NEED AIR HELP!).  Then the blood with the "air"
in it flows to the parts of the body where it's needed, like if we run, then our (my son guessed "feet")
need the blood.  After the air is gone, I told him the blood flows back to heart
through a tube called a vein to get pumped back out of the heart for more "air".

To help the heart pumping sink in more.  I filled a balloon up with a little
bit of water, tied it off and had him squeeze it.  Told him that our hearts
pump fast and slow.  I squeezed the balloon to see it pump out and then I told
him, the heart ALWAYS goes back to its normal shape.  Let go, and the balloon is
back to normal shape too.  We jumped up and down to get our heart rates going
fast, felt each other's heart beats then tried to squeeze the balloon real fast
to show how fast it was going.  Then we laid down for a few minutes and 
then listened to each other's heart beats and then mimicked it with the balloon.

This is a GREAT book for little ones to learn about
the heart and how the blood flows.  Good pictures
and EASY explanations.  I picked it up at our library today.

Our train method is working out great - look at that "H"!!! I'm SO proud of him!!!

1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Our memory verse, we will be turning these into a flower arrangement tomorrow.
For now we've been reading it off the poster board chart, then singing it and laying
these down on the floor.

Our Circle Time Story
It's funny but definitely teaches if others are rude to you,
it doesn't mean you have to be.  The boy in this book learned the hard way.
This perked many questions out my son, which was good, it helped
to teach a lot about being gentle and nice.

"Hearts and Hands" Book
The first day we did this, I read it to him, but stopped to let him read the "picture".
The next day, I gave him the book and let him read it to me - he did great!
Today, I covered up the pictures and let him try to read it on his own, he did REALLY good,
he only got stuck on the last page.

Lacing Caterpillars
This is such a fun way to do fine motor skills.  You can get this from Timber Doodle HERE.
You roll the dice and it tells you what color and shape to put on your caterpillar.
We made it a game, he NEVER wanted to stop, even after 20 minutes of playing. :)

Valentine Box
We used an empty cereal box and glued construction paper to each side
then decorated with hearts and wrote his name on it.
He told his daddy it was a "surprise" for him. :)  Well, it is a suitcase! lol

Valentine Butterfly
Use toilet paper roll, cover with construction paper.  Fold a sheet of construction
paper in half, cut out a heart shape, tape to the back of the paper covered toiler
paper roll for the wings.  Decorate the wings - we used glitter of course.  My son is
ALL about glitter (me too!).  Then pipe cleaner for the antennae.  Voila! Cute butterfly.
I punched a hole in ours and hung it from the ceiling. :)

We still have one more day this week for school and some FUN stuff planned, especially to enhance the science we've already learned.  We'll be making homemade stethoscopes, graphing our pulse rate, a bloody print that disappears (what?!).  Then I've got more valentine crafts, just still trying to find the book "Clifford's First Valentine's Day" our library was out of stock, so will be checking local area libraries.

Have fun and be a blessing!

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  1. Great job Rebekah - the ideas are terrific and Jordan is doing so well, proud of both of you - Dad & Grandad

  2. Great job, Rebekah! You did a lot in one week! Way to go! You rock!

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