Monday, April 29, 2013

Cadence is 3 Months Old

Cadence Judah
Born January 26, 2013
3 Months Old
12lb 15.5oz

Cadence at 3 months...
  • Loves Alvin the Chipmunk stuffed toy
  • Can hold a rattle
  • Can roll over from back to tummy
  • Can lift head 90* when on tummy
  • Can reach and grab onto a toy
  • Has gotten his belly laugh in
  • Loves to hear Jordan sing 5 Little Monkeys
  • Enjoys Circle Time Songs 
Wow! Hard to believe 3 months ago this little guy entered our world. I have to say though the past 3 months have had their moments of ups and downs. Trying to find the rhythm with a 4 year old and a newborn has been pretty rough, since my 2 little guys have opposite rhythms! Lucky me!!! (sarcasm intended!) But all the while trying to figure out why my newborn cried so much and going through tons of lactation consultants and doctor's visits all to find out he has silent reflux and then going through medications of all kinds, that I lost my focus altogether. God slapped me in the face (literally) and stopped me in my tracks and just said, "I am Your Healer, turn to me". So, I did exactly that. Well, first I apologized and then I hit my knees to the floor and I took both my boys to church on Sunday morning and God touched Cadence, Jordan AND me! I found renewed joy, which I so needed and Cadence was completely healed and Jordan recognized the knocking on his heart. That completely turned my world around. Now when people ask "how you coping with 2 kids", I can honestly answer... "I LOVE IT!" And I do love it. Sure, we haven't gotten back into full school stuff yet. My house is a wreck - I have a basement full of dirty laundry, the school room is STILL in boxes, Jordan's room is only half finished, and the bathroom could use a REALLY good cleaning, and dishes call to me like 3 times a day... but hey! I have 2 boys that God entrusted to me. And the funny thing, they are impacting me! I'm seeing Jordan's sensitivity more and more... when his brother cries, he will do everything to help him. And I'm also seeing Jordan's impatience... "when will he be able to play with me?! or take my toys?!" LOL And I'm seeing how Cadence studies Jordan and always wants his brother's attention. These are teachable moments and one's I won't forget. Though I still rarely get time with my husband or even with Jordan (one on one), I'm learning to find joy in this season because soon this will pass and I won't have these moments anymore - no matter how difficult or easy.  It's amazing to me how these two are so different from each other - just reminds me that God really does make each and every single one of us unique and special.  As we embark on this journey together as a family through tantrums, smiles, dirty diapers, and loads of laundry, I choose to look at each season I'm in with JOY and FAITH! I truly struggled in the beginning, wondering when things would get easier and how I would start school back up for Jordan and fretting over small things and even disappointed in my weight gain and feeling like I wasn't giving enough attention to Jordan, etc.  I tried everything in my own strength and it FAILED every single time.  And yes, I should of known better.  Then I started picking up my Bible every morning (even with little or no sleep) and started asking God to reveal verses for each of my boys to pray over them and God led me to verses for Jordan of patience, love, and gentleness and for Cadence those of joy and peace.  And when I started to speak these verses over my boys, I noticed my days got easier, my nights were more restful and most of all I had joy, peace, love, and gentleness too.  There is so much power in our words!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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