Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Printable: Exploration Journal Page

Does your little one like to explore the world around them? My son does, the more he can "find", "touch", "see", "taste", or "hear" - the more he wants to learn about it.  So every week, I try to include in our theme something that can be found, touched, seen, tasted, and listen to.  Then we journal about these at the end of each day what we discover.

For example, we did a theme on Apples, so I included fun stuff like:
  • Does it sink or float? Putting apples in the bathtub to find out.
  • What do different apples taste like? Cut up different ones and talked about their taste.

Then each day we do nature walks, YES, even when it's cold outside and snow is on the ground.  Which is daring for me, since I'm not a snow bunny and I'd rather be inside with a cup of hot chocolate and snuggled in a blanket... but Jordan is a snow bunny! :)  On our walks we try to find something new outside - whether it's a new decoration on a house or an interesting bug or hearing a new bird.

And the end of the day, we will print out pictures, cut them out and then glue them to our exploration journal page.  Then I have my son tell me about his discoveries and I write them down for him.

So, to share with everyone, here is a FREE Printable for a Daily Exploration Journal Page.  Enjoy!!!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing,
~Bekah :)

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