Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainbow of Promise

This week our theme is Rainbows.  We will be reading Noah's Ark and different rainbow theme books.  To learn the colors of the rainbow, we watched the Cat in the Hat episode on rainbows to learn the rainbow color song - it's really cute.  Here is our poster board for this week:

This is a math activity, I made the arks by drawing them
on construction paper and putting the even numbers on them.
The animals I printed from HERE, I had him match the boy and girl
animals together then place the correct number of animals on the ark.

This sorting activity, I found clipart off of Microsoft Online
and looked for animals that were facing left and right.
I created columns in MS Word and labeled them left and right.
My son sorted the animals by the direction they were facing.

Sidewalk Chalk Art
I helped him make the rainbow, and he colored it in.
Then we wrote "God's Promise" on it.
This was daddy's surprise when he came home.

I put a rainbow coloring page underneath a white sheet of paper
and had my little guy trace the rainbow.  He decided to use
the colors of the rainbow to make it and colored in the clouds.

Have more to come...
I have a rainbow size sorting activity.
Rainbow tic tac toe game.
Rainbow science activities.
And some rainbow crafts still to complete.
I'll also take pictures of our Noah's Ark story boards
from Oriental Trading (I'm very impressed with it!).

Have fun and Be a Blessing!

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  1. Very cute! Thank you for always sharing on my blog! Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop.

  2. Love your heart for your kids and all you have them learning - about God...about life. Keep it up.