Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We had a week long of fun with rainbows.  Here is a glimpse of some of things that we did:

Cutting practice - these are the calendar printables from Christian Preschool Printables, you can download them for free HERE.
I had practice snipping around the edges first.  Then had him
cut out the rainbow or some other picture within the picture.

Math Activity - you can download this for free HERE.
First, I pulled out the ruler and showed how to measure (we used
the millimeters side).  We measured each animal and
compared the height to each of these animals, then we
discovered that 2 animals were the same height,
so I had him color those.

Letter R Worksheets from 1+1+1=1, download for free HERE.
He loves these "dead end" worksheets and looks forward
to them every week.  I ended up printing an extra set
from A to Z and put them into sheet protectors and
inside of a notebook for practice on the go.

Capital R Art
I cut out strips of construction paper for the rainbow colors.
Drew an "R" on another construction paper.
He put the glue on, then glued the strips on.
I cut out the R, he glued it on another piece of construction paper.
Looks pretty good! :)

A free project, it's one of those paint with water books.
Only he LOVED this so much because it was Hot Wheels! LOL

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!


  1. I love the math activity. Also, love the idea of putting those letter worksheets in plastic sleeves for more practice. Another idea that I did in Kindergarten is to trace over the letter in rainbow colors so the kids got lots of practice on the same letter just with different colors. Called it rainbow writing.

    1. Love the rainbow writing idea! :)