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PreK: M is for Monster Trucks

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! C'mon down for the monster truck lesson preview! :)

We had a BLAST this week from smashing, crushing, and painting! We didn't finish everything up this week, so I'll continue this into next week.

Here are the Monster Trucks facts I covered in our discussion times:
  • Monster Trucks are 12 feet tall
  • Monster Trucks weigh about 10,000 pounds (2.5 elephants)
  • Monster Trucks have a super exhaust to make them REALLY loud
  • The first Monster Truck was Big Foot
 Circle Time Poster Board:

Covered the following:

  • Letter M (upper/lower)
  • Color Black, Biblical meaning is "sin"
  • Crescent Shape
  • Number 6, Biblical meaning is "man"
  • Vocab Word: MIGHTY (huge, strong, powerful)
  • Bible Story: Gideon's Army
  • Bible Verse: "The angel appeared and said, 'Might warrior, the Lord is with you.'" Judges 6:12
  • Sound: "uck" (duck, suck, truck, buck, stuck, puck)
 Language Arts:

These are pre-reader books I printed from 1+1+1=1.
"What color is the Monster Truck?" came from the Monster Truck PreK Pack.
This book helped him identify the color words and he learned names of new monster trucks.

"My Friends" came from the Letter M Raising Rock Stars Pack.
Our sight word for the week is "my", so this book helped him identify and recognize this word.  We are up to 3 sight words now! :)

Our Letter M Mailbox filled with a magnetic "M" letter and "M" vocabulary words.
The "M" vocabulary words came from 1+1+1=1 in the Raising Rock Stars Letter M Pack.


This song is part of the Monster Truck PreK Pack from 1+1+1=1.  You sing it to the tune of Jingle Bells.  My son picked up on this one really fast, so we sing it in the car, in the bath tub, and he always wants Bob and Larry to sing it to him before he goes to bed, lol.

"Mighty God" a classic Christian song.  This fit perfectly with our "mighty" vocabulary word - God is HUGE! God is STRONG! God is POWERFUL!
This is one of my son's favorite songs and since Monster Trucks are BIG, I thought I would talk about how BIG God is too! :)

I have another song too that I made up, but didn't have enough time to print it up, but this one is sung to the tune of "Big House" (Audio Adrenaline):

It's a Big, Big Truck
With extra extra large wheels
It's a Big, Big Truck
With a super loud sound
It's a Big, Big Truck
With the power to crush cars
It's a Big, Big Truck
It's My Monster Truck

Bible Time:
Our Bible Story for the week is about Gideon.  I really love this story because Gideon though he was from the weakest tribe and he was the least in his clan, he was a man of doubt.   He doubted that God was with him, so in order for him to believe what the angel said to him, he tested God.  God fulfilled that test, but Gideon still had a doubt, he literally said "please don't be angry with me for I have another request" - he tested God AGAIN! God did not angry, He fulfilled that request too.  So, Gideon knew God was with him.  But when it came time to fight the army, God told Gideon GO the enemies are yours - BUT if you are AFRAID go down to the camp and listen to what they are saying THEN you will be encouraged to fight.  WOW!!! Gideon had the choice to believe the enemies were given over to him by God or go and hear what they are saying then fight.  Gideon being the man of doubt that he was, of course chose to go to the camp and listen, then he knew they would win the fight and they did!

Out of this story, with my little guy we talked about the following:
  • Gideon was a mighty warrior (a hero)
  • God uses us even when we think we can't do something because He is our strength
  • God is with us ALWAYS
  • Gideon's army never had to use their sword, only a rams horn and a torch

Pretending to be Gideon the Mighty warrior!

Shouting out "a sword for the Lord and for Gideon" and holding up the torch!

With God's strength Gideon's Army won!

We made Gideon's rams horn and he pretended to give the call for war!

Math Time:

Using a chenille stem he created the number 6.

I drew the number 6 on a chalkboard and had him match up his "6" to see if it matched.  Then we worked on spelling "six".

Writing his name.  I first wrote it with a gray marker, then he traced it.

He is getting much better at staying in the lines.  This is a "6" book I created.  It has 6 pages behind it.  Each page has 6 pictures on it and a sentence that will read... "There are SIX (picture and description)."

I had him count the number of pictures then had him locate the word "SIX" and we worked on reading the sentence.  This sentence read "There are SIX girls playing trumpets."

I had him build little towers out of wooden blocks, then I set out paper bags that have a number written on it (1-6).

He rolled the dice, counted the dots, then...

found the bag with the number he rolled and SMASHED it!
We did this game OVER and OVER again!!! :)

Color Recognition:
He went on a color black hunt throughout the house.  He took his Lightning basket and found items in our house that were "black".  Then he counted them and identified each item.  Then I played a memory game with him.  I put all the items on a cookie sheet and covered them up with a sheet, I removed the sheet along with one item on the cookie sheet.  I had him guess which item was missing.

Art Station:

Monster Truck Painting Kit (Creativity for Kids).  This was a REALLY cool kit.  It comes with 4 trucks (green, red, blue, pink), paint, paintbrushes and sticker decals.  The trucks are rev ups, so when you rev them up, they'll move across the floor and they'll even do tricks just like the REAL monster trucks.  We had SO much fun with these!!!  And he named his creations too: Green = Grave Digger; Red = Superman; Blue = Thrasher and Pink = Hot Wheels.

Our shape of the week crayon rubbing.  I made a crescent shape out of cardstock and placed it under the paper.  He used his crayon to create the shape.

Monster Truck stain glass painting.  This project was a little too much patience for my son, since there is no brush with it and the stick only picks up small amounts of paint.  It's great for fine motor skills, but lost his interest in about 5 minutes.  So, I pulled this out each day to add paint to it, it's almost done... so by end of next week should have a completed picture.

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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  1. Fun stuff. Total boy theme! I like how you made everything fit together. You are so creative.

    1. Thank you, Shonda! Complete boy theme - I know MORE about monster trucks than I've ever known before! LOL But this was super theme and he really got into this school week. Maybe I'll think about a train week sometime. :)