Sunday, May 27, 2012

PreK: Garden Theme Board

Since we planted a garden, my son has asked non-stop questions about it.  Good thing our garden theme came JUST in time!!!

Here is our school board for the Garden Theme:
 Letter: G g
Color: Green, Biblical Meaning = Life
Shape: Circle
Number: 5, Biblical Meaning = Grace
Vocabulary Word: GROW
Sound: -ow (as in blow)
Bible Story: The Parable of the Sower
Bible Verse: "You are like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring." Isaiah 58:11b
 I hung these Bible Story slides on our wall to review daily.
You can get these from Bible Story Printables.

"What Do Plants Need?" Song from Homeschool Creations Garden Pack
 "Have You Ever?" Poem by Cherry Carl
You can print this from Wordway in their "ow" pack.

Here is our Garden Theme Overview Plan:
  • Lapbook (will have a blog post for this coming soon)
  • Letter G Activities
    • Upper/Lower Case Sort
    • G Collage
    • Writing G
  • Math Activities
    • Adding seeds to the pot to equal 5
    • Number 5 Hunt
    • Where is the trowel? (Number Recognition Game)
  • Science Activities
    • Labeling Parts of a Flower
    • Flower and Colored Water Experiment
    • Garden Observation Log
  • Shape Activities
    • Circle Rubbing
    • Circle Collage
    • Circle Drawing
  • Vocabulary Activities
    • Scrabble Spelling
    • Hangman
    • Letter Hunt & Order
And I'm sure we'll cover some "bug" stuff in our garden theme, since we've already had some "bad" bugs in the garden - which of course has brought up many questions.  I'll post more on our garden theme in the days to come.

To find out the resources I am using, check out my Garden Pinterest board.



  1. Such fun activities! I'm so bummed we don't live closer because I can certainly use a teaching buddy like you, but I'll have to suffice with your blog! You really inspire me, Bekah!

    1. Thanks, Shonda!!! Wish we lived closer too... then we could have fun playdates! :) I love visiting your blog too, to see what you do with Shrade and Jessna... I think we'll end up doing an airplane theme this summer, so I'm gonna use some of your stuff.