Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kindergarten Sneak Preview

I can't believe it! My oldest is turning 5 and starting Kindergarten this year! We have been trying to find a routine for awhile and I finally found one that works for us.

Here is an example of our routine for the school year:
8:00am - Wake Up & Morning Chores (Jordan has a checklist to complete by himself).

8:30am - Breakfast

9:00am - Clean Up

9:15am - Bible Reading, Prayer, Music

10:00am - Circle Time (Morning Message/Calendar/Weather/Overview of the Day/Pledges - Flag, Christian Flag, Bible/Story)

10:15am - Daily Notebook/Journal Prompt/Morning Copywork

10:30am - Language Arts

11:00am - Math

11:30am - Recess

12:00pm - Lunch/Clean Up

12:45pm - Guided Reading

1:00pm - Independent Reading

1:30pm - State Study

1:45pm - Art (M/W/F), Science (T/R)

2:00pm - Workboxes (Independent Work)

2:45pm - Review/What I've Learned Journal

3:00pm - Snack/Free Choices (choices based on activities I set out)/Mom Time

I got a Kindergarten Portfolio that downloaded from TPT (click here).  I had it printed and hard cover binded through Quill, which I'm super impressed about. Will definitely use them again.  But this portfolio is like having my own yearbook complete with spots for pictures, writing for each month, all about me section, spot for autographs, sheet for lost teeth in kindergarten year, and more.  We are super excited about this book!

My kindergartner will be learning sight words this year, so I created a bulletin board to keep a track on what and how many he has learned.  He picked out the baseball theme.  Every time he learns a new sight word, he will write the word on a baseball and glue it to the board.  My little guy is a very visual person, so this will help him see how much he has learned too! :)

I have been researching around for class rules and finally settled on a set after some prayer.  So, here is our class rules board based on Scriptures:

Then I've created our daily boards.  Since our curriculum is going through a letter a day, I didn't want to create poster boards on a daily basis to match it for lesson time.  So, I created a Letter of the Day and Number of the Day boards as templates and will change out the dinosaur and trophy each day. Our circle time will still have a poster board, but it's going to change this year (I'll post once I get them completed).

And new for this year are centers! I have pictures of them all except the writing center (still working on it).

This has a little bit of everything on it.
Basket for word work.
Basket for playdough stuff.
Basket for puzzles.
Basket with Rhyming boxes (from Oriental Trading).
Pet Vet Drama Center
Word Family Readers
Find the Number Math Center
Fine Motor Skills Sorting Center
Alphie the Robot

Our Reading Center.
The little red box has all the books in it that
he can read independently.

I am still working on anchor charts, the writing center, and a couple more bulletin boards (chore/money board and goal tracking board).  Well, there is our sneak preview of Kindergarten! What are you doing this year?

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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  1. Very impressed! I need you to come help me create a space. You are going to have a fun year. I hope to have something a bit more in place for Kindergarten next year.