Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tot School: T is for Turkey

~Chunky Monkey is 22 months old~

Our first attempt at Tot School with my littlest monkey in the house right now.  I didn't prepare a school board like I did for my Funky Monkey, only because I'm still learning what keeps this littlest monkey's attention.  So, this week was more for "experimentation", to see what he likes, to see what interests him, to see what he does with different trays, to see if repetition is the key with him or not, etc.  All I have to say is this week was VERY interesting!!!

My second born child is very independent, stubborn, and pretty much will only do what he "wants" to do.  This is cool by me, but I have to learn through this in how to teach him.  And some things no matter how much he wanted to do it ALL by himself, just couldn't happen... after glue on EVERY thing, I finally figured out it was easier to give him a Q-tip with a blob of glue on a plate than to give him the glue bottle!!! After about a million sticky messes with glue I learned pretty quickly, I hope, hehe.

So take a peek into our T is for Turkey week... please forgive some of my photos without a Chunky Monkey in them, he's quite the character that trying to take photos becomes a game of "get the camera", so if he is MIA, he got distracted...

Our "Letter" of the day is introduced in a mailbox! We sing a little song and he opens the mailbox to pull out the magnetic letter "T" and the "T" word cards.  We review all the word cards and practice what the "T" says.

Both of my boys did these.  My Chunky Monkey's is the top one and my Funky Monkey's is the bottom one.  I laid out their plastic mats with stickers on both and the pumpkin card template. They both got busy decorating, but my littlest one needed help getting the backing off the stickers and wanted to sit on my lap while creating his.

Littlest guy made his "T" for turkey letter craft - this is when I figured out glue on a plate with a Q-tip was WAY easier! After it dried we put our "T" word cards on it and practiced what the "T" says.

Q-tip painting!!! When he first saw the Q-tips he tried to clean out his ears, lol.  Then he saw the paint and went right to town.  I showed him how to "dot" on the dots and then let him go for it.  He could paint for hours!!!

I had two other tot trays as well, but I didn't get pictures of them.  One tray had a Letter T on it and I had a HUGE push pin that he used to poke holes in the formation of the Letter T, but I couldn't take pictures while he was doing that tray.  And the other tray was a do-a-dot Letter T and I gave him buttons in a box to pull out and put on the "dots".  He had more fun dumping the buttons and sending them all across the floor!

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Thanksgiving!!!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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