Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Veggie Tales: Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas Review and Family Night

Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas shows us the depiction of how the world's persona of hustle and bustle distracts us and how one person can make a difference that affects everyone around them and makes them want to know "what makes them so different?" This is one of the BEST Veggie Tales Christmas movies by far and I've loved the others, but this one speaks out and has great meaning to it.  Even my 6 year old noticed what this movie was portraying and made him realize he could make an impact... more on that later.

Bob in the movie is doing all he can to make this shopping center full of pizzazz and the attitude is "the more the merrier".  Larry works as an elf and writes down all the children's requests for what they want on Christmas and one little girl surprises him when she says "nothing" and then asks for them to purchase a card so she can help a neighbor in need.  Larry was so mystified by her humbleness that he tries to talk it over with Bob, but he's so indulged in promoting lights, trees, and so much MORE in decorations because it all about the pizzazz... Larry goes off to find this little girl. After he finds this little girl he asks her what she's raising money for and finds out it's for her next door neighbor who is in desperate need of her home being fixed up.  Larry is so touched by the kindness and humbleness of this girl's heart that he sets out to help her.

This movie reminds me of the birth of Jesus.  Everyone in the town of Bethlehem was so distracted with the hustle and bustle of everyone coming to town, innkeepers trying to keep up with all their guests that they just turned down Mary and Joseph every where they knocked for a place to stay... until one innkeeper told them they could stay in the stable.  There they went to a lowly place and not in the hustle and bustle of the inn, I highly doubt the innkeeper even tended to them because they were "out back".  But Mary and Joseph's humbleness to hunker down in a stable where Mary gave birth to a king! Now think about it, there was a bright star in the sky that night that "shone down" over the stable... angels appeared to shepherds who also told people about their experience... kings from far far far away sought out to see this child... and yet, everyone else was distracted by getting settled into rooms, eating, drinking, probably making sure they knew where to go to sign this Census thing and they MISSED the most important event in all of history that happened right in their own backyard, so to speak.

Bob was highly distracted with all the Christmas pizzazz he was conjuring up in this shopping plaza. Larry comes by and asks him if he can use some decorations and Bob is like "finally! you are coming to your senses and wanting to help!" and gives him permission to use anything he wants.  Not realizing though that Larry was taking every thing to put on this house that was in need to draw "attention" to it.  When Bob comes back in the next day all the decorations are GONE - oh no, major disaster, right? On the verge of Bob's breakdown he tears through the attic searching for whatever decorations are left and comes across an old nativity set that reminded him of childhood years and realizes right then that Christmas is so much more!

That night Jesus was born a great light shone over the stable, it should have drawn attention.  It should have made people question, why is that star so bright tonight? Question is, how much do you allow yourself to be distracted from the real meaning of Christmas? Are you caught up in the hustle and bustle that you miss out on those very special moments of Jesus' presence? Remember what Christmas is all about - God gave us Jesus because He loves us so much, so we are to give back and let the light of Jesus shine through us!!!

I mentioned earlier that my 6 year old son noticed he could make an impact because of this movie. He decided he wanted to help people in our very city.  When we went out and about he always noticed homeless people that had nothing and asking for money, so he asked me if we could put together bags for some of those people to give them something they could use.  I was completely touched by this and told him, yes, we could.  So, we went out and bought different items to put into some blessing bags for these people who are living on the streets.  He put together two blessing bags for homeless people and they contained the following items: deodorant, tooth brush, toothpaste, kleenex, chapstick, lotion, soap, hand warmers, mouth wash, gum, McDonalds gift certificate and a handled bag to carry it all in.

Bags are ready and set to give away now - may the love of Jesus shine through us to those who are blessed with these bags!!!

Family Night Fun:
Started out the night with a Christmas Tree and ornament activity.  I made the Christmas tree out of poster board and bought a craft pack of foam ornaments from Joanns that was on sale for 60% off! It turned out to be pretty cute and kept both my kids entertained!
This little guy got a sneak peek at this activity early on, so he decided to try it out early.

He played with this tree off/on throughout the day.

When big brother came home from school, they both played with it.

Pulling off ornaments, putting them back on, trying to make patterns and just having fun!

Then I had them pull off ALL the ornaments from the tree and gave them a bin of beads to fill into the holes on the ornaments.  My oldest thought it was easy and my youngest surprised me and did it ALL by himself!

After dinner, I let the kids make gingerbread houses and decorated with M&M's for "lights" like in Merry Larry. 

They both had fun putting on their "lights".

This one is very particular and wanted it to be "perfect".

This one on the other hand couldn't wait to eat it!

Hehe, little stinker! 

Then they both dug in - yummy!!!

Then it was bath time and I made it extra special with a surprise in the tub!!!

Christmas Tree and Ornaments with red candy cane water!
This is super easy to make, just cut the tree shape out of craft foam.
I bought pre-cut foam ornaments on sale at Joanns.
Just get the foam wet and it will stick to the tub, walls, even glass!

Boys were super excited to get into the tub and play!!!

After the bath, the boys got ready for their last craft of the night.  I found a FREE printable from "saving said simply", where the boys could paint "lights" onto a strand.  Instead of using their thumbprints, since neither of my boys care to fingerpaint, I gave them both Q-tips to use.  
You can get your own free printable from HERE.

Both painting their "lights".

This was my youngest's favorite part of the night!

He kept saying "dot, dot, dot!" as he painted!

He called it a "maze", lol.

Last part of the night was to watch the movie, curl up on the couch with a "Merry Larry" popcorn bucket! I just printed out a "Merry Larry" and taped it to popcorn buckets that I had gotten from Dollar Tree, super easy.

They both had so much fun! The youngest crashed before the movie was over and the oldest didn't want the night to end!

Have your own Family Movie Night with "Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas" and pick up a copy at Family Christian Store for ONLY $5 during Doorbuster deals December 12-14, 2014!!!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!


  1. The Veggie Tale movie night sounded fun! Looked fun too :) When my daughter was I think three or four, we saw a homeless man with a sign at the exit to the zoo. I had packed our lunches for that day and we gave him an apple. She still, years later, talks about that poor man and how she's glad we helped him. They're never too young to get it!

    1. Aw, that is so precious! I love teachable moments that just "click" with little ones. That's a memory that will always be remembered by her.