Sunday, January 1, 2012

God's Child is Kind

Our school room is under construction - I decided I need a change for the New Year and was crazy enough to try and undertake the project over the Holidays (silly me!).  So, it's not quite finished yet... but I plan to have it done next weekend (hopefully, I'm not making any promises, hehe).  So, while it's under construction, I came up with our lesson plan to utilize the REST of the house!

For the next 8 weeks, we will be doing a study on "God's Child" and how a child of God is to be.  We'll be using a book by Rainbow Publishers called "Instant Bible Lessons for Preschools: I am God's Child".

For this week, we will be learning that God's Child is Kind.  I'm posting up our lesson plan and the daily break down of our lesson plan and some of our printables - Enjoy!!!

Here is a sample of the lesson plan:

  Lesson Plan                                           Week of:    January 2 – 6, 2012

                                               Theme:   God's Child is Kind

Circle Time:

Music & Fingerplay:  Kind Words; John 13:34; Do Unto Others (Bible Action Songs CD)
Memory Verse:         Love is not rude. 1 Corinthians 13:5

Letter: K    Number: 5    Shape: Diamond    Color: Pink    Vocab: Kind   Story: Joseph

Description of Activity
Letter K

·   “K” Vocab Cards on Popsicle Sticks
·   “K” Seek & Sort
·   Identify items that begin with “K”
·   Ladder Building
·    “K” Worksheets
·   Phonics
·   Sight Word Practice
·   Tape vocab cards to popsicle sticks.  Print out a Letter “K” in a magnifying glass shape on cardstock to identify the “K” sound.
·   Print out “K” Sort, hide the letters in the house, child finds and sorts in the correct column.
·   Child fills a box with items that begin with “K”.
·   Practice “K” on the ladder with vowel sounds.
·   “K” worksheets from Preschool Workbook bought at Walmart.
·   Print Outs: Vocab Cards, Letter Sort
·   Popsicle Sticks
·   “K” Box
·   Chalkboard/Marker Board for Ladder Building
·   PreK Workbook

Number 5

·   Stack blocks in 5’s
·   Sequencing Activity
·   #5 Worksheets
·   Recognition Activity
·   Complete the Group

·   Set out blocks and have child stack in sets of 5.
·   Blow up balloons and label numbers “1”, “2”, “3”, “4” and “5” on a balloons (one number per balloon).  Have child use a paper towel roll to bat them in order.  OR you can hang them from the ceiling upside down and have child bat them in number order.
·   Practice tracing the number 5.  Worksheets from a Preschool book bought at Walmart.
·   Print out number “5” onto cardstock, hide them all over the house and see how many “5” numbers your child can find.
·   Set out paper plates/bowls and put candies on each plate/bowl.  Make them a different number of candies and have your child add/subtract candies to make it “5” on each plate/bowl.
·   Blocks
·   Balloons, Marker, String, Tape, Paper Towel Roll
·   “5” Worksheets
·   Cardstock number 5’s
·   Paper plates/bowls, candies
·   Pattern Printout


·   Kindness Crown
·   Helping Hands Mural
·   Kindness Jar
·   Make a crown and award jewels to glue on the crown throughout the week when an act of kindness is performed.
·   Trace hands (many times), cut them out and glue them to a sign that says “helping hands”.
·   Put decoration on a jar and every time a jewel is awarded put in this jar until you make the crown.
·   Crown Template
·   Jewels
·   Glue
·   Paper
·   Scissors
·   Sign

Color: Pink

·   Pink Worksheets
·   Color Mixers
·   Biblical Meaning

·   “Pink” worksheets from Preschool Workbook.
·   Mix red and white paint to make pink.
·   Print out meaning on cardstock, review daily.

·   Workbook
·   Paint, Brushes
·   Definition

You can download the Lesson Plan, Daily Schedules, and Printables by clicking HERE.

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