Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Journal

I love parties and celebrations, pretty much gives me a reason to decorate, have fun and act like a little kid again... and so with the New Year, I decided to research out what the Bible says about this and how it was celebrated...

The New Year in the Bible is the Feast of Trumpets - how cool is that?!?! The purpose of the Feast of Trumpets is to blow the shofars, offer sacrifices to God, ask forgiveness, and then pray for a blessing for the new beginning.  Made me realize how much God likes to party too - I mean He wants LOUD noises - easily done on New Years.  He wants me to remember about the past year and look back at mistakes made, give those to Him and seek His forgiveness AND then tell Him about His promises for a blessing... and of course MORE LOUD NOISES!!! Yes, pull out that loud horn of yours (party horns work great!) and BLOW!!! (I don't know about your house last night, but we were LOUD and we celebrated with the angels in heaven.)

To help my little one understand the Feast of Trumpets we blew party horns (as I don't have a shofar and even if I did, I can't make noise on it - takes an art form for that).  Then I made a New Year Journal for my son to complete.  He wrote his name on the front, then I helped him complete the pages to follow.  One page listed his favorites for 2011 (this was his remembering of the year), another page had him tell me what he wanted God to forgive him about and the last page was for him to complete a prayer to God thanking Him and asking Him for a blessing.

I'm providing this New Year Journal as a DOWNLOAD for you! If you'd like to use it or save it for another year or pin it as an idea to make your own... Be a Blessing this New Year and Have Fun!!!



  1. Happy new year. Another fun year of homeschooling.

    Veronica @

  2. Thanks, Veronica! I can't wait to get my room back in order, so we can start back and get into our routine. :)