Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 2: Hearts & Love Unit (PreK)

After a week off of school in a sense, my son was soooo ready to get back to it! Only this time he wanted more play based activities than worksheets, so I worked with this. :)

We continued our study of the heart this week and still working on memorizing 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 - he almost has it! I can prompt him through it, he has verse 4 down though. I'm so proud of him!!!

Anywho, without further ado... here is our week at a glance... I have pictures and video this time (hehe, I love Jordan's new camera - thank you Nana).

This was our continued heart study.
We talked about our heart again and that is a strong muscle.
Also discussed our pulse rate again and that it can be
slow or fast depending on what we are doing.
So, I taped hearts to some stuffed animals and we used
our homemade stethoscope from the other week to "listen" to their
heart beats.  I just drew a chart for him to color in squares for
if it was fast or slow.  Then he figured out that if the animal
jumps and down, the heart is "fast"! :D

I had him help me cut out heart shapes.  He cut as many
as he wanted, then I finished them.  Then I made a wreath from construction
paper and then set all the hearts out for him to glue to it.
We ended up hanging it and he wanted it on mommy and daddy's
bedroom door.  He really liked this!

Our Bible Story for this week to stick with the love theme
was Jonathon and David, best of friends! I read to him the story
of their friendship from his Bible.  Then paraphrased the story of
how King Saul got angry with David and Jonathon set up a sign
for David to "run away".  We made arrows and re-enacted the story.
Loads of fun! Oh and we had to do it over and over and over...
but that's OK, he asked questions along the way, so I
really got to share with him about God's love.

Super absorbent polymers! Oh yeah!
Science for us from our "Big Bag of Science" from
This is an opener to our heart study tomorrow (Friday) about
how the things we eat absorb into our blood.
So, I showed him how things "absorb".
Oh, these things grow SUPER big and then change color.
So, that helped explain how the blood pumps out with air, then
once delivers the "air", goes back for more - explained the red/blue blood.

 Car drawing! Attached markers to his shake and go cars, then we
sent them down his slide! This was a blast!!!

Homemade Hot Wheels Track - who knew?!
I had a ton of empty wrapping paper tubes, so I duct taped them
together, pulled out his blocks and we made a huge track
down the stairs.  He tested to see if he could make the cars jump
like motorcyles by switching the blocks up - and yes, he did figure it out!
By the way, this was great for fine motor skills - those little cars to fit
into the tube at the top, I purposefully made it a smaller tube to start with.

I love the Tot Time Notebook from 1+1+1=1.
So, I printed them off and added it to his memory verse notebook.
He had fun tracing the shapes, with the circle he asked me how to make
a smiley face and then a sad face, then wanted me to put a band-aid on it! lol

Playdough Time!
I just set these out to see if he would act on it.  He did! It occupied him for
about 45 minutes, so I could go clean for little bit!  He cut out the letter H, numbers 1, 2, and 3, and lots of hearts.  Used bubble wands to make patterns, etc.

Our Bible Story Re-enactment, lol! 

This video is our song for our memory verses of the month!
You can kinda hear Jordan singing along with me. lol

I can't believe this month is almost over.  We've had lots of fun studying hearts and love.  Still 2 more lessons to go.  We'll be discussing heart size and how to keep our heart healthy.  Plus more Bible stories! Looking forward to it.

Have fun and Be a Blessing!

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