Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Week in Review

I love everything about Easter - the eggs, the hunts, the flowers, the jelly beans, the candy, the chocolate, the baskets, the smiles, the laughter, etc.  And everything can be used to teach about Jesus!!! My son loved everything about Easter too and I was able to take everything and turn it back to the real meaning for the day and we had fun!

I don't have a picture of our posterboard this time. :(  I completely forgot to take a picture, lol.  But we learned the following:

Letter: C
Color: Purple (Biblical Meaning = Royalty)
Number: 23 (Biblical Meaning = Death & Resurrection)
Shape: Cross
Story: From Palm Sunday to Jesus' Resurrection (covered them all)
Verse: "If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creation." 2 Corinthians 5:17

Purple Hunt
He found ALL the items in his playroom that were purple.
Then he figured out that the round tubes could be used as tunnels for his cars.

This wasn't part of the plan, but he wanted to build an animal.
I LOVE this set! It's a Bloco Construction set.  It requires thinking to put
these together, but my little guy did it and figured it out! :)
You can view the product HERE.

Jelly Bean Prayer Printable
I can't remember which site I printed this from... so sorry, I found so many
then just picked one to print.  But my little guy colored the jelly bean piles
the color that was indicated and then we talked about how it points to Jesus.

There is something about a white crayon and white paper my son is infatuated with
then 5 seconds later will be complaining it doesn't work! lol
So, I showed him how white crayon and white paper can work.
I drew a picture on a piece of paper, gave him watercolors and told him to find the
picture on the paper.  Once the picture started coming through he was ALL about this activity.

This was part of our Bible lesson.
I explained to Him that Jesus died for our sins so that we could be close to God again.
Telling him that because of Adam and Eve's sin, God cursed the earth and we were separated from God.  But Jesus' death on the cross allowed a way for us to get close to God, so we
can talk with Him, walk with Him, listen to Him, etc.

Butterfly Dot-to-Dot Worksheet from Preschool Palace
This went perfectly with our memory verse.  Then I made up a little finger play
about caterpillars, cocoons and butterflies... to show how a butterfly
represents a new creation.

The Purple Book - another Free Printable from Preschool Palace
I had him color each of the items purple.  He had a box of crayons with
different shades of purple, but he only wanted one particular purple. :)
Then with a purple marker he traced the word "purple".

We had a little fun - I made an egg hunt for his lunch.
I took about 20 eggs and hid his lunch in them.
The lunch consisted of sandwich, diced apples, diced ham rolls,
diced cheese, cheese balls, and diced veggies.

This was our family time, but this comes from Scripture Adventures.
We made an Easter Chain and each night he would cut off one chain and we
would read about what happened on that day back in history.  Then I would read the story in the Bible and we'd talk about it.  Jordan had lots of questions, so my husband and I enjoyed
answering his questions and helping him to understand.

Have fun and Be a Blessing!

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