Saturday, January 17, 2015

DIY Mickey Mouse Decoration

My youngest turns 2 this month (where did the time go?!).  And he LOVES Mickey Mouse.  But since this year we are doing ALL that we can to get out of debt, had to be a little frugal for coming up with some decoration ideas.  So, I made a Mickey Mouse wall decoration that I will connect to a banner.

All the products used to make this creation were from Dollar Tree and cost me only $2 altogether.  I used a priority mail box I had in my basement and then bought from Dollar Tree tissue paper (all colors, but pulled out just the red and yellow papers from it), and black crepe paper (couldn't find black tissue paper).

It is SUPER easy to make, but can take awhile to do all the gluing of the tissue paper and crepe paper. That was OK with me though, it was pretty mind numbing for those evenings when my kids just drove me crazy that I sent them to bed early and just picked this up and started gluing.  Great way to ease the whole day over and not think about one thing! :D

First, I used a paper plate and a CD to trace out a Mickey Mouse shape onto the box.

Then I just cut it out with some heavy duty scissors, since the cardboard is thick.

I made myself a stencil for the number 2 by tracing the paper plate shape
onto a sheet of paper and then freehanding my own number 2 in the space
of the circle of where I wanted it.

Just used my stencil to trace the number 2 onto the box
and began gluing red and yellow tissue paper squares
that I scrunched up with a low temp glue gun. 

This is what the number two looks like after it is all filled in with tissue paper.

Then I just cut squares from the crepe paper roll, scrunched it up and
started by gluing pieces all around the number 2 and then filled the
entire box with black crepe paper.

We are now ready to create our banner, will have a post up soon showing you that!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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