Monday, January 5, 2015

Ringing in 2015: Our Family Celebration

An evening full of festivities and neither kid could make it to midnight... but they had fun celebrating until they passed out.

The first festivity was painting a New Year place mat.  I put painter's tape on black construction paper to make 2015 on it.  Then gave the kids paint and sponge brush to paint.  My youngest loves to paint so the entire time he kept saying "dot, dot, dot, dot!!!" My oldest is very particular, so he had to analyze the paper and figure out what colors to put where and how he was going to paint it.  You'd think it would of took longer for the oldest, but actually, the youngest kept painting and painting... I eventually had to take it away before the paper got too wet and tore.

Since my youngest was super upset that he couldn't keep painting I did another craft just on the whim! Pulled out two more sheets of black construction paper, bottle of glue, tubes of glitter and a cookie sheet (to contain the mess).  They had fun making their own fireworks... but since it was over too quick, my youngest was very disappointed... but that all changed with our next activity!

Fill some cups with marshmallows, pass one out to each person and watch what happens! A mini snowball fight, of course!!!

Then we mellowed out with some dinner and the kids started to get anxious, so into the bath they went, only to discover...

A glowing water tub filled with water balloons and a balloon drop overhead!

After finding all the water balloons and popping those on each other, they got all washed up and my oldest counted down from 10.  When he said 1, the balloons came down!

Oh the smiles and laughter was priceless!!!

Then they helped me dry off all the balloons and we moved them to the living room for a balloon fight with daddy!!!

The rubbing of eyes, the big yawns, and the attempts to stay awake was the signal to pull out the comforters and have a little snack in front of the TV.

Neither one finished their snack...

Neither one made it to midnight... by 10pm both were tucked into their beds!

What did you do to make your New Year's Eve special as a family?

Happy New Year!!!

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