Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tot School Show & Tell: S is for SNOW

~ Chunky Monkey is 23 months ~

It's January, no better time in Michigan than to cover "snow"
and we didn't get as much as the Northeast, but we've had some inches.

We did our posterboard daily which covered the following:
Letter: S (worked on it's sound)
Color: White (means "righteous")
Shape: Circle and a poem about a snowball
Number: 15 (means "free")
Verse: Psalm 51:7
Vocabulary Word: Snowflakes
Sound: -ow (row, tow, mow, blow, throw, snow, grow, show, bow)

And I pulled out our mailbox that I put a magnetic letter "S" in
and the "S" word cards that I printed out from the S Packet at 1+1+1=1.

I sing the following little diddy:

I've got a letter, I've got a letter
Let's look and see, Let's look and see
What letter do we have today?
What letter do we have today?
(open box)
It's the Letter S, It's the Letter S!

Then we review each of the "S" words in the box.

Then we did activities each day, here are some of the ones we did:

Skinny Minnie and Chunky Monkey both played a math game together.
Chunky Monkey rolled the die and Skinny Minnie graphed what was rolled.
This was a great game for not only math, but for team work!

I pulled out the lacing card that I got from Oriental Trading.
He surprised me because he really liked doing this!
He sat and did this activity for about 30 minutes on his own.
He kept trying to figure out how to get it into the holes.
After a couple days of practice and he had it down.
Will be adding more of these type activities in the future.

We worked on name recognition by making a snowman
out of the letters of his name.  He drew the face all by himself.
We reviewed the letters in his name each day after making this.

I printed out the floor numbers from Confessions of a Homeschooler
preschool "S is for Snowman" post, but only did numbers 1 - 5.
I gave him white pony beads for "snow balls" and had him
put that many beads on the numbered cards.
We practiced this every other day.

So it's too cold to go outside here in Michigan, with temps below zero.
So, I went outside and filled a bin with snow and brought it INSIDE.
Gave him a watercolor pallette, brush and cup of water and let him
have at it! He painted the snow and then decided he wanted
to touch it.  At first, it was too cold, then he got used to it.
Then he made me build snowmen and snowballs that he could throw.

Painting a melted a snowman!
I gave him blue construction paper and silver paint glob with a brush.
He had fun smearing it everywhere... thus a melted snowman!

And of course, we made snowman lanterns (got the idea from Pinterest).
I velcroed the little battery operated tea lights to the bottom of the jug,
only because these two are pretty rough with everything!

When I turned on the lights, Chunky Monkey thought it was a real
candle and tried to blow it out and brother followed suit!

Then they had an adventure in the dark with their lanterns.
Big Brother wasn't too keen on no lights, but Chunky Monkey
was in heaven! He was running everywhere with that light and watching
it shine on the ceiling or the wall or light his path - so much fun to watch!

That was a highlight of our Snow Tot School.
What did you do for January?

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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