Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog's Day!!!

According to Phil in Pennsylvania he saw his shadow and that means 6 more weeks of winter! We did some activities today, since my oldest had a snow day, check them out...

My youngest colored spring flowers from a Groundhog Tot from 2 Teaching Mommies.
My oldest did an ABC Groundhog Worksheet from TPT that involved cutting, gluing and coloring.

Here is his completed ABC order worksheet!

And he did a labeling worksheet, also downloaded from TPT.

Then I hid groudhogs around the house and they decided they needed
Monster Trucks to drive around and find them and smash them!
Very creative and fun!

This is a their groundhog craft, they are coloring their groundhogs first.

Then they used chalk to make a "shadow" outline.

Then we made their groundhogs stand up to face their shadow.
Yep, it saw it's shadow - more winter to come!

How did you celebrate Goundhog's Day?

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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