Monday, February 2, 2015

Chunky Monkey is TWO!!!

Chunky Monkey is Two!

Happy Birthday to our little man!
We celebrated with a Mickey Mouse theme 
and I made all the decorations for his little party.

Here is the completed banner, want to know how to make it?
Check out the post HERE.

This shirt I picked up at Walmart on clearance for $1.50
And the fabric squares I found at Dollar Tree.
The party hat and pom poms came from Dollar Tree too.
Just picked up some bonding material from our local Joanns
and topped it off with glitter fabric paint that I already had at home.

I decided to make the rest of the hats in the package I picked
up from Dollar Tree for all the guests.

These are juice boxes that I just covered in paper using
a hot glue gun.  And found these little pearl stickers at Joanns.

I set out his Mickey Mouses to guard the presents!

And made his cake with yummy buttercream frosting and
used Organic food dyes that I picked up from Whole Foods.
Nothing too fancy, but he was super excited!!!

Hung up some streamers in the doorway and it become
a game of "boo!" Yeah, these two kept running through them
back and forth and jumping out yelling "boo!"

He made sure to pass out the party hats to all his guests at the party!

His cousins dropped by to give him a card that had a surprise inside...
he found the monster truck!

Blowing out his candles!!!

Mmmmm, cake!!!

Getting ready for the balloon drop... 1.. 2.. 3..

Yay!!! Happy Birthday Chunky Monkey!!!

Chunky Monkey - 24 months stats:
  • Letters: recognizes and knows sounds to "S" and "H"
  • Numbers: recognizes and can show on fingers number "1"
  • Shapes: recognizes and can say "circle"
  • Colors: recognizes and can say "white", "blue", "black", and "brown"
  • Body: can show you when asked where his "head", "hair", "neck", "chin", "eyes", "nose", "hands", "feet", "knees", "cheeks", "fingers" are
  • Can say: "no", "batman", "brother", "mama", "dada", "grandma", "nana", "grandpa", "wheel", "righteous", "yay", "love", "mickey", "cat", "bat", "duck", "frog", "milk", "please"
  • Knows sign language for: "please", "thank you", "milk", "more", "cookie", "thirsty"
  • Favorite Superhero: batman
  • Favorite Toy: monster trucks and trains
  • Favorite Character: Mickey Mouse and Batman
  • Can do lacing activities on his own
  • Loves to paint and color
  • Favorite Book(s): (1) Train Stories from Usborne, (2) Little Engine that Could, (3) Bible
  • Favorite Movie: The Little Engine that Could (he's borderline obsessed)
  • Throws a ball overhand and underhand
  • Can pincer grasp correctly
  • Can follow two step directions
  • Hygiene: can brush own hair, can brush own teeth, can wash own hands
This little guy is growing up too fast!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!


  1. Hope he had a good birthday. Lovely cake. Love the drink holders.

    1. He did, he loved it all! Thanks for stopping by. :)