Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tree Week in Review

This week my little man was so excited about.... THE CHRISTMAS TREE!!! So, we did a unit study centered around the Christmas Tree.  We covered the 7 Mini Lessons, which are object lessons using the Christmas Tree... and we finally got it decorated, see below:

Here is our posterboard with the main things we covered:

Letter: C
Color: Green
Shape: Triangle
Number: 15
Verse: "I am the way, the truth, and the life." John 14:6
Vocabulary: Christmas Tree

Here is a link to our Lesson Plan.

This is the Triangle Color Match Up.
He took colored triangle shapes to match to the colored "words".

"C" Activity Worksheet from Confessions of a Homeschooler
He thought this was fun.  I don't have "Do-a-Dot" markers, but the
Crayola Tadoodles works great!!! :)

He did an AWESOME job drawing triangles - by himself!!!!
He was so proud of himself. :)

Our Phonics Review, we do this daily.
I got these magnifying letter glasses from Funshine Express.
I have cards that go with them, that reviews beginning sounds,
so I'll show the picture and read the word on it and he
holds up which letter is correct for the beginning sound.
Still a favorite game of his!

Digging through his "Green" bowl filled with
ALL kinds of stuff that we found throughout the house
to identify the color green.

A lacing card I created.  I just made a Christmas Tree shape
and punched holes around it.  My little man laced the yarn 
through the holes, then we tied it off and hung it on our
Christmas Tree as an extra ornament. :)

I tried to get "good" pictures of this activity, but he was moving so fast
and yelling his Bible verse, that it was nearly impossible, until he fell down and laughed!
This activity is our "Bible Hop" to help with memorizing our Bible Verse of the week.
Each wreath has a "word" of the Bible Verse on it, and we hop in order (or run),
while saying the verse - he had a blast with this!

Our sorting activity.  He sorted his beads from his sensory bin
into our tray that I got from a Dollar Store.  This activity was sorted
by color, then texture, and size.

This is our Art Project!
We made green paint by mixing the colors blue and yellow.
Then my little man dipped his hand in the green paint
and made 4 prints in a row, then 3 on top of that row, then 2, then 1,
which formed a Christmas tree.
We used glitter paints to decorate it with a gold star and the dots
are NOT ornaments - they are Christmas lights according to my
little man.  Then we made the trunk with gold paint.
This was so much fun!!!


The rest of the pictures below are added activities not included in my lesson plan
and were downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler in the Christmas Pack.

C is for Christmas, this was the magnet page.
We glued pom poms on instead, as I didn't have magnets.
First, we sorted out the pom poms by color, then glued them.

"I love Christmas" Puzzle

Large Numbers for the Floor.
In the packet, the numbers are 1-20, but I only pulled out 1-15, as "15" is our number of the week.
I made a hop scotch board on the floor by using wall tack to stick it down and
so it wouldn't mess up the hard wood floors.
We played traditional hop scotch, then I called out different numbers and he'd hop to it,
or I'd call out different numbers and he'd walk across them and jump over that number, etc.
Tons of FUN!!! :)

Then we did the first page of the Pre-Write sheets.
He made "O" for the "C", so I said, that's not a C, and he flips his paper over
and writes a "C" all by himself and then gives me this silly grin!!! LOL

This was a fun game! Using a dice, you roll it and whatever number you roll
lets you know which item you can put on the tree to decorate it.
We did this like 5 times!!!
I think I'll add this to the Christmas Party for the kids to stay entertained. :)


That is our week so far, I will have more to post this weekend.
As tomorrow we will be doing the following:
Triangle Crayon Rubbings
Color Triangles in Numerical Order
Creative Movement
Themed Snack: Cheerios Christmas Trees
Free Art Time

And most likely our side track to school time seems to be our Polar Express around the Christmas tree:

But it is oh so fun!!!


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  1. Hi! I am visiting from TGIF Linky party. You are amazing and you are doing amazing things with your 4 year old! Wow! You go girl! After seeing this one post, I am inspired to do even more with my boys than I am already doing. He is one blessed little guy to have you planning all of those awesome activities for him.

  2. So many fun activities! I love how you incorporated color, and letters and shapes and everything all together.
    Thanks so much for stopping by Everyday Gameplan. I don't think you can go wrong with mini oreos.;)

  3. Hi Bekah, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm glad you can use the post about the shoebox delivery. My daughter's name is Bekah too!

  4. Thanks Bekah for stopping by my blog. I love all your wonderful hands on learning. That's what we like to do. My kind of blog.


  5. Oh my word! Those are some of the BEST home-school ideas out there! Your son is so lucky to have such a dedicated and devoted mama! Would you please share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Fridays?

  6. What a FUN, FUN week!! You did so many cool things!!! I really love the memory verse hop - SO cute!!! Thanks for linking up to TGIF!! Can't wait to see what you do this week!!
    Beth =-)

  7. Hi Bekah! Thank you for stopping by Teach Your Tot! I love all these wonderful things that you are doing with your son! These Christmas tree mini lessons are awesome! :-)