Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monster Truck Stencil & T-Shirt Painting

Monster Truck! Monster Truck! Monster Trucks!!!

I had an extremely hard time finding a monster truck stencil - I checked online to every craft store in our area, nothing, nada, zip! So, I ventured to make my own... I looked at a monster truck and just started drawing the shape in pencil, then turned it into a stencil and taped that to a T-shirt and here is what it looked like:

Turned out pretty good and the Monster Truck Buff was VERY excited to paint it!!! I gave him his dobber and let him go...

Now there is a pretty tough looking Monster Truck! Next I let him decorate the truck with the fabric paints which also added texture to the shirt - he loved this part!

Now here is the drying shirt all completed... and, yes, I did help him write his name. 

And once it was dry, he couldn't wait to try it on!!! :)

All the textures, he wouldn't stop feeling it, so I could get a picture of the WHOLE truck! Oh well... that's my Monster Truck Boy!!! :)


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