Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kindergarten Overview: Week 2

As we set to begin Week 2 of Kindergarten, I'm going to share what we plan to do...

Circle Time:
Discussions this week - Birthdays, Holidays, Big/Little, Size, When I Grow Up
Morning Work (Independent Time)
Prayer, Pledges, and Songs
Calendar and Weather

Bible Time:
Undercover Heroes of the Bible for Ages 2&3


Hero of the week: Amos (Amos 7:14-15)
Bible Verse: "I will obey your word." Psalm 119:17
Crafts: Macaroni Sheep; Shepherd's Staff

Math Time:
Classifying by color, shape, and size - I have a variety of teaching trays I will use, will post pictures later.
Shapes - squares, rectangles, polygons, trapezoids, 2-Dimensional shapes - we have a shape journal to start!

Language Arts Time:
 - Tale: The Enormous Turnip
    - Sequencing using the print outs from HERE.
    - Anchor chart from HERE.
 - Rhyme: Pease Porridge Hot
 - Now I'm Big Story
    - All About Me Biographies 2 pages we will create (1) When I was little... (2) Now I'm big and I can...
 - Mice Squeak, We Speak Book and Activities
 - Wordless Books and Activities
 - Rhyme Time - center activities, will post pictures later
 - Vocabulary - BIG and LITTLE, SIZE - starting our journal this week!
 - You Can Read Unit #3 from 1+1+1=1 (CLICK HERE)

Writing Time:
 - Letter Crafts J, K, L, M, N
 - Writing Center Activities
 - Begin our First Writing Journal this week!

Art Time:
 - Crayons & Paint
 - Crayon Rubbings

Science Time:
 - Growth
    - "Me" Timeline
    - Comparing what grows and doesn't
    - Growing Capsules
 - Five Senses: SIGHT
   - Size Tray Game
   - Five Senses Song HERE
   - Sight Sense Book

Games & Activities:
 - Discovery Walk and Exploration Journal
 - Running Race
 - Me Book and Add Ons

State Study
 - Introduction to Texas
 - State Symbols
 - State Facts
 - Fun Places to Visit - Virtual Field Trip
 - US Capitals Song by Animaniacs (CLICK HERE)
 - State Journal (Get HERE for free)

What are you doing this week?

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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