Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 1 Pumpkin Theme

First day of our pumpkin theme went awesome! Here is a glimpse of the majority of our day:

Bible Time craft - gluing!

Loves to make sure he gets in front of the camera! lol

More gluing...

Tadah!! He colored the basket and the strawberry.
The strawberry is for fruit of the Spirit - love.
He will add more fruits each day as we cover them in our Luke study.
You can get the printables for this craft at Bible Story Printables.

Morning Work: coloring worksheet
P is for Pumpkin from COAH

Putting together his "ck" phoneme train.

All put together and he could read every word.
Tomorrow we will work blend ladders with "ck" words.
You can download and print this for free HERE.
He had to take the engine for a ride on the rails!

This is our movers and shakers time.
Set a pumpkin in the middle of the floor and sang
the Pumpkin Song from 1+1+1=1.
Ring around the pumpkin and we all fall down!

He had the funniest falls, his little brother
couldn't stop laughing! It was fun!

Everybody dropped!

Sight Word Connect the Dots
from You Can Read Unit #9

Using play dough to form
his sight words.

Journal Entry
He drew a rocket and wrote:
"A rocket flies in outer space."
He is still learning spacing.

Number 7 Worksheet
This was a free download from TPT.
I used dice to help him with the dot pattern.
He is still learning tallies.
He wrote the number name by himself.
And for the number sentences I used our math dice
and pom pom balls to help him with addition.

Letter C Practice Worksheet (1+1+1=1)

Letter P Practice in our ABC Workbook

Drawing a plane!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!


  1. How fun! I want that download for the # worksheet. Could you send me the link?