Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 2 Pumpkin Theme

Have you ever seen a pumpkin that stands like a jug,
smiles with silliness, and glows from within?
Check out our art project today!

Milk Jug Jack-o-Lanterns
We will be filling these up with sand or epsom salt,
whatever is cheapest, then putting a glow stick in them.
These lanterns will line our walkway on Halloween night,
for we will light up the night with Jesus, and bring the children
to our door to share with them just how sweet Jesus is!!!

Writing Practice
I just printed handwriting paper and then had him
practice the letters Pp, Cc, and Kk.

Reading Time
After our guided reading time, which Phonics by the Book
from the Reading Mama.  Then he has 15 minutes of independent
reading time.  He looks at a couple books that are too hard
to read, then he grabs books that he can read and read them
to me or his brother (if he is awake).

Our Pumpkin Blend Game
I used pumpkin stickers and wrote the vowels on them,
since vowels are sticky, they hold letters together to make words.
Then I used plain foam pumpkin shapes to write the letter
"P" on one color and the digraph "CK" on another color.
We practiced with the letter "P" and vowels first,
then worked our way up to building "CK" words.
Then we played a game, where I called out a word
and he built it with the pumpkins.

My CK Book (Download HERE)
This is a great practice book for the "ck" sound.
This page is circling the "ck" for recognition.

There is a page I didn't take a picture of,
but it is going along a path, sounding out
different letters and the "CK" digraph.
But when they get to the "CK" sound,
they shout it out! Jordan loved it!!!

This page is coloring a duck.
He made his green with a pink head.
He called it a fairy duck! lol

This is coloring a clock!

Sight Word Practice
These came from the You Can Read Unit #9

First he did a connect to the matching sight word.
Then sight word building puzzles.
Tomorrow practice writing!

Traced his memory verse - Matthew 6:22

Practice with the sight word "look"
I found a freebie on TPT for this sight word.
He put stapled it together, then read it!

More to come tomorrow!!! Until then, Good Night!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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