Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 3 Pumpkin Theme

Our pumpkin theme is half over, hard to believe!
Our day 3 activities we did a little more only because
we are taking day 4 as a family day and to get
ready for trick or treaters to come by.

Here is an overview:
Coloring his fruit to cut and paste
into the basket.  Today we learned
about Joy and Peace.

All done!!! 

This is our word family game
with "ck" words!

He picked up pumpkins and then
lined them up on the correct word family line.

Reading his word!

I think this was a little too easy for him though.
I'm going to have to come up with something
more challenging for my learning bud!

Reading all the words!

Yay!!! I did them all!!!

Journal Time in the Writing Center
He draws a picture first of what he wants to
write about.  Then dictates to me what he wants to
say.  I write it on the writing center folder
and he copies it into his journal.

Working hard!

Yay!!! I know the picture doesn't show his journal
very good. :(  But he drew a picture of Mario, Luigi,
and the Toadstools and wrote the following:
"How do you beat the mushrooms? Mario, Luigi and the
toadstools jump on them."

Sight Word Search
Found a new use for our stampers!
He stamped the words he found.

Sight Word Writing Time
Working on the word "look".
He traced the word and then wrote 4 sentences
using the word "look".

Again he told me the sentences and he copied them.

Our number board from Lakeshore Learning.

Working on the number 7.
He had to find the following:
tens frame
one to one correspondence

All done!


Tens Frame Pumpkin Worksheets from COAH
Another great use four our stampers,
especially since he still doesn't like to color.

He made his own game with it.
He'd do bullet sounds every time
he stamped, pretending to kill spiders
that wanted to get the pumpkins. LOL

And of course little brother ALWAYS
curious and getting into everything!

But he never did get distracted (that's a first)!!!

Come back for Day 5, since Day 4 is Halloween
and we are taking a break! But Day 5 will be full
of science stuff!!! :)

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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