Saturday, November 2, 2013

Day 5 Pumpkin Theme

Our last day of our pumpkin theme, not sure what will happen next week.
But I have the weekend to come up with something. 
Today we did LOTS, including science, which was soooo much FUN!

He earned his first Book It Certificate!
Read 25 books for the month of October. 

Putting up the sight words he learned this week! 

Yay! He now knows 20 sight words.

Pumpkin Bubble Science
We used one of those foam carvable pumpkins
from the dollar store.  Cut off the top filled half way
with water and a squirt of dish soap.
Gave him a straw and had him make bubbles.
He was soooo excited about that,
since we don't let him do that with his drinks. hehe

Figured out that the top pops the bubbles.

But the straw doesn't pop them - why?

Will my hand?


But when my straw is dry it pops bubbles!
So we learned that the following:
- bubbles are made of air
- bubbles have a protective soapy layer
- that protective layer bursts when non-soapy items touch it
- the protective layer does not burst when soapy items touch it

Sight Word Assessment #1

Circled his sight words in a particular color.

"CK" Worksheet Practice
This worksheet has a picture on it, then he has to
build the word, then write it.

Some of the pictures he had a hard time figuring what
the CK word was, but with a little building he got it!

He did a great job!

Finishing up the fruit of the Spirit basket!!!

All Done!!! :)

CVC Word Building
I printed out a bunch of pumpkins and wrote
a bunch of letters on them.  Then just laid them out
to see what words he could build.

He built the following:

Erupting Pumpkin Science
My little guy LOVES baking soda and vinegar experiments.
So, I had him mix yellow and red food coloring in some vinegar
to see what color he made, orange of course.  Placed some
baking soda in the pumpkin and had him pour the vinegar in.
Made a cool orange explosion!!!

What interesting pumpkin theme activities have you done?

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!