Friday, November 15, 2013

Kindergarten Scarecrow Theme

Scarecrow, Scarecrow... what can we learn?
Scarecrow, Scarecrow... here is what we did!

Our Circle Time Board
We review this every day.
Vowel: short a
Color: Brown and color rhyme
Shape: Circle and shape song
Number: One and writing poem
Vocab: Scarecrow
Sound: -an, -ap, -at
Bible Story: Elijah and the Ravens (1 Kings 17)
Verse: "Do not be afraid, for I am with you." Isaiah 41:10a

Books we read in our Circle Time!
- The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Wise Brown
This book is super cute! We did a bath night based

off of this book (post to come soon!).
- Scarecrow by Cynthia Rylant
This book is cute, great message about God

creating you with a gift.
- The Scarecrow's Dance by Jane Yolen
This book is fun too and has a message about

God creating you for a specific purpose.

Math Scarecrow Numbers
Learning that numbers can be written in number form
or in word form.  Here he is tracing the word forms.

Math Journal
On the left side he drew pictures and wrote
the number word that matched the number
that is on the right side.
Learning one to one association with numbers and words.

Working in his math book!
We LOVE Singapore Math - very hands on!

Working on Tens Frames

Doing his computer center time!
This was a math game.

Building words with the short "a" vowel.
I printed out scarecrows and used our sticker pumpkins
from our pumpkin week.  On the scarecrows I wrote
different consonants that he could make words with.

Built the word "pan".

Here he is reading the word he built.

Reading Time
This is his reader from Houghton Publishers - it's awesome!
He has to read to Mario or Donkey Kong every day.
This day it was Mario.

Sight Word Time (these came from 1+1+1=1)
Working on the words "love", "mom", "dad", "at"
Here is connecting the word to the same word.

Tracing his words!

Our Scarecrow Numbers

Practicing Writing his First AND Last name now

Social Studies
He learned how the Pledge of Allegiance came to be.
Did you know it was written 400 years AFTER America
was founded? And did you know that when it was FIRST
written it never included "under God" in it? I didn't, so I learned
something new too! Then he did this activity where he drew
appropriate American symbols on the pledge of allegiance...
he drew stars, eagles, and Mario.  I never knew Mario
was an American symbol!!! LOL

Baby brother likes to do school too.
Here he is digging in a circle bin.
He found a CD in a case.

Language Arts Workbok
Working on short "a" and sight words.

I love these fall themed dry erase sleeves that we
got from Oriental Trading. They are SUPER CUTE!!!
And they went perfectly for our scarecrow worksheets.
Here he is doing a worksheet where he traces
"S is for Scarecrow" and colors all the pumpkins
with an "s" on it.

All done!!

This was a math number maze. 
He had to color all the pumpkins in numerical
order 1-20.  He did AWESOME!

Scarecrow counting and writing the number.

Baby brother is usually awake now when we do school.
I bought these cool nut and bolt sets from Oriental Trading.
Wish I had bought more! But he likes to try and turn
them and see if he can get them off and on.  But if he can't get it
they become chew toys or rhythm instruments.

This peg board is also from Oriental Trading.
I had bought it for Jordan, but Cadence LOVES it.
Every time it comes out, Cadence steals it.
So, I have to buy another one! LOL
This is a great toy to keep him occupied while we do school
and it helps him with fine motor skills, stacking,
building, and tearing down.

Or it is just something wonderful to chew on!

I pulled up the music table from our basement.
And this has been a non-stop playing toy for this
little music lover! 

Baby brother thinks he can use a computer too!

Doing a coloring worksheet for Bible Time!

Baby brother got placed in his crib that I turned
into a ball pit to keep him occupied while we did our lessons.

Elijah and the Ravens
Jordan kept saying, "isn't it colorful?!"
Yes! Very colorful it is!

Tens Frame Worksheet
He colored in the cells to represent the number
on the sign the scarecrow is holding.

Then I took it a step further and had him color the sign
of the scarecrow that showed "greater than".

Writing Center!
He told me a sentence about an animal, I wrote it down
on his writing center folder.  And he copied it and drew a picture
in his journal about it.  His sentence was a rather strong one too!
"The cat meows at the dog."

We started learning about Capital Letters
and what should get a capital letter.
So I made this anchor chart!

So proud of his sentence work!

I love his drawing! It's getting better and better
every single day! Such an artist!

This activity I pulled out our magnetic letters.
I said a word to him and he had to build it.
He stuck them to our front door because it's metal!

Tree of Thanks Craft
Each leaf is something he is thankful for...
he said things like, mom, dad, Cadence,
Donkey Kong, Mario, grandma, grandpa,
grandad, nana, etc.

Fall Craft: Bear Scarecrow

I put a bunch of balloons all over the floor
and drew different pictures on them.  Had the boys
find the scarecrow balloon, and look who found it!

Then I made a game for Jordan.
Taped balloons to our door and had him
use his nerf gun to shoot 'em down!

Scarecrow Patterns
I laminated scarecrows and put patterns
on the back of them.  Then printed off 
a blank pattern worksheet.
He had to create the pattern on his worksheet.

Baby brother thought the crayon box was fun
and decided to pull them out and throw
them all over the floor.

This was a great activity and it fostered
independent learning.  I was able to wash dishes
and clean the kitchen while he did this.
And since baby was al into the crayon box
I didn't have to give him a different activity or
keep him distracted.

He cut out all the words and glued them to correct word family.

Our scarecrow number line was the BIG hit game!
I just put down painters tape and taped scarecrows
with numbers onto the line.  Then I pulled out our 
foam dice that I got from the dollar store.  He rolled
the dice, added the numbers together, and jumped to
that number on the line.  Then I had him jump to the
number that is 1 more and 1 less than the number
he rolled.  He ended up playing this game by himself
for 30 minutes with his Mario!

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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