Sunday, November 24, 2013

Scarecrow Bath Fun

Scarecrow Bath Fun
Used green food coloring to dye the water (no, it didn't stain
the tub or my kids!).  Put leaves I found in a Dollar Store
in the tub, some floated, but many sank.  Put in colored pom
poms from a craft store - these float.  And then I added a bunch
of pumpkin foam shapes that I got from a craft store.  I also
put in our foam carvable pumpkin that I got from the Dollar Store
and filled in with bath sand!  And the tree is part of a craft from
Oriental Trading, I didn't make that, but I had a bunch of extras.

These scarecrows are based off the the book "The Scarecrow Boy".
I created 6 different faces and the crows that lose their feathers
and the corns in the field that sun shines down on.

Loving the bath! Baby splashed himself here in this picture! 

Found the bath sand!!!

Super easy to make, all you need is:
- Shaving Cream
- Food Coloring
- Bath Salts

Mix together! Easy, peasy and dissolves in the tub, no mess!

Baby found the sand too!!!

Playing with all the stuff!
My oldest LOVED the bath sand and doing eruptions with it.
Then had fun decorating the tree and making different scarecrow faces.
My baby LOVED the leaves!!!

Feeling the leaves!

Found out they stick!!! :)

And this ended our scarecrow theme study...

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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