Monday, November 25, 2013

Turkey Math: Even and Odd Numbers

We started a turkey theme and I had ordered these Thanksgiving Finger
Puppets from Oriental Trading.  They are turkeys dressed as pilgrims
and indians.  Super cute! So, since we were learning about
what numbers are even or odd, we decided to use these
with a file folder game.
This file folder game is called "Some Odd Turkey".
You can download HERE from File Folder Fun.
You have 2 turkeys where 1 is labeled "even" and the
other is labeled "odd".  Then you have feathers with numbers
on each.  It goes beyond number 10, but we just worked
with numbers 1 through 10 to start.

I had him make a pile of all the feathers in a deck.
He would draw one at a time.  Whatever number
he picked up, he would use a tens frame that I printed
out and place that many turkeys in the tens frame.
He put them in the frame so the turkeys would make "pairs",
where a pair of turkeys is one turkey above and one
turkey below it.  If all turkeys had a pair, he knew
the number was "even", if all turkeys didn't have a pair,
then the number was "odd:".

Close up shot of the file folder game and turkeys in the tens frame.

He enjoyed playing this! :)

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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