Monday, August 11, 2014

Shark Week: Deal & Giveaway

In honor of shark week, I'm hosting a Giveaway and Deal!!! Usborne Books are AWESOME! I ordered just a couple 3 months ago and was extremely impressed with them - high quality, lots of pictures, different reading levels (even in the SAME book), and their non-fiction books go great with our unit studies.  Now I sell these wonderful books and want to put awesome books into the hands of little ones every where!

So, first the DEAL!!! All 6 items in the picture above are ONLY $60!!! You will get the Shark Excavation Adventure Kit, Lift the Flap Sharks hardcover book, Big Book of Big Sea Creatures hardcover book, Sharks internet-linked hardcover book, Phonics Reader Shark in the Park paperback book and Sharks internet-referenced hardcover book.

The Shark Excavation Adventure Kit is AWESOME! Inside this kit is a clay rock that contains a complete skeleton of a Megalodon and your child will carefully "dig" it out.  All the tools are included.  My oldest son REALLY enjoyed this kit!

The Lift the Flap Sharks hardcover book is really cool too.  This is great for preschoolers and early elementary level children.  You'll learn about all kinds of facts about the beast of the sea.  This book presents the facts in a fun way.  Bonus part, if your child isn't much for reading this book is short and easy to read, and the pictures in and of itself will capture your child's attention.

Big Book of Big Sea Creatures hardcover book is unique and my impression of it was "WOW"!!! It has fold out pages in it that show you just how big these animals really are and the details are just amazing.  Covers animals from the sea turtle to the great white shark to the killer whale and many more.

Sharks internet-linked hardcover book is great for unit studies!!! This book has awesome pictures and interesting facts, but what makes it unique is that EACH page has an internet-link to it.  So, not only do you get to read this amazing book, but you get to be interactive with the pages of the book with an internet site.  You would go to a special link with Usborne and type in the title of this book and then locate the page number you are on, then you can see videos of sharks, watch divers swim with sharks, explore a world map and see where sharks live, see a shark's skeleton, take a shark quiz, shark science experiment to try at home, and so much more.  Both of my kids had lots of fun with this book, even my 18 month old got into the videos and science experiment!

Phonics Reader for Shark in the Park is a great way to get your practice in all those "ar" words! I used this book with a pirate theme, by the end of the week my 18 month old had the "arrrrr" sound down pretty good.  My oldest is quite advanced in his reading level, so this book ended up being very easy for him to read by the third time through it, but it was great practice and definitely boosted confidence level!

Sharks internet-referenced hardcover book is also great for unit studies!!! The only difference with internet-linked and internet-referenced is the internet-referenced contains all the links in the back of the book.  The books are completely different though! This sharks book contains many pictures, facts, and information that goes into great detail of these sea beasts.  I definitely recommend this book for K-3rd grades.

So, we had a shark week a little early in our house, but it was combined with a pirate theme.  Both my kids had TONS of fun and these books were PERFECT for us, along with some pirate theme ones.

On to the GIVE AWAY.... I am going to give away ONE "Shark in the Park" Phonics Reader to only ONE lucky blog reader!!!  This giveaway ends 8/19/14.

If you would like to just place an order or host a Facebook party, please e-mail me at rjmsurvance at yahoo dot com

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Good luck!



  1. I really like the Wipe Clean collection! They look really neat!

    1. The wipe clean books are awesome! And you can take them ANYWHERE! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Those are awesome, especially the See Inside Your Body one!

  3. I love the wipe clean books! Especially since my 5 year old is learning to read!

    1. You should look into the wipe clean activity cards, perfect for your 5 year old!

  4. Entered and hope to win!...also, I would like to have a FB party for you! I emailed you my email for more info =)

    1. Awesome! I will send you info on the party! :)

  5. My kids love Usborne Sticker Books! They are perfect for car trips!

  6. Replies
    1. Great books! The Billie B. Brown series are super cute!