Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tot Plan Tuesday: Week 2

Week 2 Tot School Plans

We will be using our poster board from Week 1, only because we are working on handwriting letters and numbers.  One more week of practice and he will be able to write letter I and number 1 all by himself in the correct format.

  • Letter of the Week: I i
  • Color of the Week: Black (Meaning = Sin)
  • Shape of the Week: Circle
  • Number of the Week: One, 1 (Meaning = Beginning)
  • Vocab Word of the Week: Indian
  • Verse of the Week: Philippians 4:13
  • Sound of the Week: "-ig" word family

Circle Time Book of the Week
"It's Not Easy Being Big!"
Checked this out at our local library.
It has LOTS of "ig" words in it and it's great for guided reading.

Bible Story of the Week
We are reviewing Adam and Eve and that everyone NEEDS a super hero!
I printed out the story slide from Bible Story Printables for Adam and Eve.
These are hung on our wall for my son to retell the story.
I also printed out a smaller version, just by decreasing the size from the original
to have my son to do story sequencing order.

Songs of the Week
Printed out the Leaf Songs from 1+1+1=1.

Overview of Week 2 Tot School:
  • Math Time
    - Ice Cream Scoops Number Ordering (forwards/backwards)
    - Insect Measuring Sort
    - Tens Frame Practice with Fine Motor Skills
  • Writing Time
    - Daily Practice Journals
    - Paint Bag
    - Playdough Mat
  • Phonics Time
    - Letter I Sort
    - Beginning Sound Worksheet
    - Letter I Collage
  • Reading Time
    - Sight Word Practice (6 words)
    - Guided Reading Books
    - Self-Reading Time (10 min.)
  • Bible Time (evening as a family)
    - Dot-to-Dot Coloring Page
    - Animal Collage
    - Adam's File Folder Game
  • Science Time
    - Ice Melt Test
    - Icky Mud
    - Insect Investigation
  • Art Time
    - Silhouette Shadow Project
    - Igloo Construction
    - Give Thanks Door Knob Hanger
  • Color Time
    - Black Hunt
    - I Spy Game
    - Color Journal
    - Black Song
  • Shape Time
    - Crayon Rubbing
    - Ice Cube Drawing
    - Pipe Cleaner Fun
Download a copy of my lesson plans.  You don't need my curriculum to utilize these lesson plans, this is all supplemental to our curriculum lesson plans to help reinforce and bring fun to school time.

Have Fun and Be a Blessing!

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