Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Week #2 in Review: Letter I

Week 2 over already?! We didn't get through everything, and that was entirely my fault! I have been so tired and finally found out the reason why from my mid-wife and on new vitamins that seem to be helping my energy levels.  Hopefully these last 12 weeks of pregnancy will be AMAZING!

So, what did we do... well, we learned all about the Letter I, check out our pictures from Week 2:

This is JJ working on his Letter I lapbook.  Everything we did about the Letter I, was put into this lapbook.

The cover has the letter I, which he didn't color, instead he wrote the letter I in the correct
formation based off a poem I created.

The Poem is:
First you make a stickman, straight and tall.
Then give him his hat,
And then his shoes.
Now he is ready to go out and play.

Then he glued on a pocket to hold his "I" words (iguana, iron, island, ice cream, etc.).

On the inside of the lapbook JJ added his reading books.
These a repetitive books that we would read daily together and then
he would have 10 minutes of self-reading time.  He read these books aloud to me each day.
I don't have the full picture of the inside of his lapbook, but
we also added his memory verse that he cut out in strips.

JJ has been working on writing the Letter Ii.
He is excellent at tracing in the correct formation, that he is now
starting to form the Letter Ii on his own.
I ended up creating a daily practice sheet for him, now that we
have covered how to write it and the correct formation,
and he does this by himself in our writing center.

This is the Letter I Craft
He colored and then cut it out all by himself.

He was VERY proud he didn't tear it! :)

We turned the letter I into an Iguana.

Next JJ went on a hunt for "I" words.
He searched all over the house and as he found them
he would read the word and then gather them into a pile.

Once all were found, he picked out the Iguana card and
glued it to his Letter I Craft.

Then we talked about iguanas...
where they live...
what they eat...
what climate they like best...
and we went to the pet store to view one!

Have fun and be a blessing to your tot!

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