Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kindergarten: Pumpkin Week Sneak Peek

Take a peek into our Pumpkin Week, here is the overview:

Posterboard for Circle Time:
Letter: Pp

Color: Yellow
Shape: Hexagon
Number: 7, seven
Verse: Matthew 6:22
Vocab: Pumpkin

Letter Activities:
- Letter of the Day Interactive Computer CD
- Letter P Word Hunt and Song
- Beginning Sounds Game
- Letter P Craft
- "p" pumpkin blends

Language Arts:
- Hickory, Dickory Dock rhyme
- My "ck" book
- "ck" word family pumpkin patches
- Highlight "ck" words
- "ck" Bingo

- Pumpkin Spelling File Folder Game
- Seek and Find Game
- Hopping Floor Pumpkins
- Journal: pumpkins

Sight Words:
- words of the week: look, jump, for, help
- Playdough mats
- Connect the dots
- Tracing worksheet
- Pumpkin Roll Game
- Assessment
- Certificate

- Letter P Practice Daily
- Write Letter C
- Write Letter K
- Write "ck" digraph
- Say it, Build it, Write it Worksheet
- Sentence Writing

- Number 7 Worksheet
- Most, Least, More, Less
- Pumpkin Addition
- Journal: Number poem, writing, drawing

- color mixing with yellow
- color hunt
- color poem and journal

- hexagon poem & journal
- how many shapes fill a hexagon?
- hexagon rubbings
- resist painting
- drawing hexagons

- pumpkin lanterns from milk jugs
- 5 Little Pumpkins craft
- Fall free choice from craft box

- Pumpkin Observations
- Erupting Pumpkins
- Bubbling Pumpkins

- Daily Writing
- Seek and Find game
- Marching Chant
- Actions and Chant
- Fill in the Blank Game

- Luke 3 Bible Study and Fruit of the Spirit
- Fruit Song
- Craft (added to daily)

Family Fun Night:
- Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin Movie
- Pumpkin Cookies Decorating
- Boo Bath

Will post up our activities and hands-on activities as we cover them, we have LOTS!!! My son is really looking forward to science and his boo bath!

What do you have planned for this coming week?

Have Fun and Be A Blessing!


  1. Simply amazing! Is this just for ONE week? I would be lucky to do all that in a month. You go, mama!

    1. Yes! This is just one week, but I'm unsure what we will do next week, lol.