Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Week 2 PreK Science: God is Powerful

Jesus is the ultimate superhero!!! That's our Bible Point and we continued to explore the power of God.  To show an example, we did another science experiment...

In each test tube he placed 1 scoop of baking soda.

In the first test tube, I had him pour water in it.
And of course, nothing happened.
I explained to him this is people that don't have God
in their lives.  Without God's power we can't do ANYTHING!

In the second test tube, I gave him a cup of vinegar to pour in.
And it bubbled up and OVERFLOWED!!!
I explained to him that when we have the power of God in our
lives we can do ANYTHING and it's POWERFUL!

It definitely sank in and we had a great discussion of God's Power.

Have fun and be a blessing to your tot!

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