Thursday, November 15, 2012

Week 2 PreK Science: Ice Melt Test

Week 2 Science Lesson #3: Ice Melt Test

Materials Needed:
3 Paper Plates
3 Ice Cubes

Since we've done science lessons with agents that react, I had my son find the agent that reacts with salt.  He laid all three plates, put an ice cube on each plate, then had him put salt on 1 ice cube, pepper on another and nothing on the last ice cube.  Then I had him look at each ice cube and predict which plate of ice would melt the fastest. 

After his guess (which was salt), he began feeling the ice cubes and moving them around to see if they had started melting.

This is the plate with pepper on it - which this was the slowest melting ice cube.

This is his worksheet where he drew what each test plate looked like.

Here he circled which test plate he thought would melt the fastest (he circled the one with salt).
And the result is salt melts ice the fastest!

Pepper is very slow melting.

And ice by itself will melt faster than putting pepper on it.

The last plate on his worksheet he drew the result of the winning plate and what it looked like.

Tie into Bible Lesson:
  • We all need a superhero - Jesus!
  • Following Jesus and our path will be blessed! Just like salt makes ice melt faster, if we stay on the path Jesus wants us on, we'll find that blessings are bestowed upon us much faster than if we stray away.

Have fun and be a blessing with your tot!

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